Sunday, 2 March 2008

Good things in life are FREE!

(Revised March 2009, Reviewed May 2012)
In my first day as a noob in the virtual Second Life, I explored the most popular hangout for newbies or noobs like c'est moi: Miramare. It's like a little New York where exquisite shops occupy every corner of the sim:

My favourite hang out would be that Gothic bench under a big oak tree, reminiscent of NYC's Central Park. There is a tram giving away free rides, cutting through the heart of Miramare to the far ends of the sim and back. There is also a hang out for a British band which is one of the new touch-ground mediums music artists are experimenting nowadays. But for me, the most remarkable landmark in the sim would be Caroline's Jewelry boutique.

Caroline's Jewelry (Miramare branch) is a 6 storey building featuring a 360-pan view display for easy shopping. A teleport hub (TH) is located by the entrance though you can also get in either by flying through the balconies. The 5th and 6th floor can only be accessed by TH which is enclosed and without an open window/ balcony. The bridge adjoining the "twin towers" is something I would consider as a remarkable architectural design.

Caroline's Jewelry (Miramare)
One of the best places to go to if you wish to doll up (enhance) your avatar. What good would great looking virtual clothes be without that occasional "bling", don't you agree? I would recommend you teleport to the 6th floor and get the Emerald Tiered Diamond necklace. It has a "twinkle" (not a blinding strobe light like some blings you get just anywhere) which can be activated by a switch (just type /22 on to activate or /22 off to deactivate).

Sadly, there isn't that much quality jewelry for men in Second Life but I find that these babies can be just the perfect unisex article. Like they say, Second Life's economy is empowered by women, so I guess that simplifies everything. I actually do have one for myself and the subtle sparkle would compliment whatever outfit you wear.

I love this necklace so much that I have purchased four (4) so far, with the three (3) given away as gifts to close mates of mine in SL. Think of trying to give away a real diamond necklace in real life (LOL), you would probably be seen as one gallant and generous papi hahaha.

Apart from the necklace. you can find more fabulous pieces of jewelry inside Caroline's shop. For those who like freebies, there's a FREE gift pack on the ground floor (it's just by the main entrance, go find it out for yourselves). Shopping at Caroline's Jewelry is so user friendly, so easy and very convenient.

The MAIN branch at sim Lo Lo (taken from her surname Apollo, a bit of trivia here for you) is bigger and roomier. If you feel like being a Forest Gump and just wish to spend a quiet virtual day sitting on a bench, then this may be right place for you. Activate your in-world media and listen to hits from Radio Radio.

Caroline's Jewelry (Lo Lo)
The main shop offers a wider range of jewelry including a superb collection of apparel as well as shoes, hand bags (the most interesting bag here is the the animated version of a Burberry hand bag that drops a variety of random objects, really hilarious I may say hahaha), accessories, modern and retro outfits and so much more! It is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Her jewelry are simply perfect to give away as pressies since most are transferable (no copy/no modify/ free transfer). Gifting virtual jewelry somehow breeds the same feeling as giving away the real thing, like they say it's really the thought that counts. To add more, the quality which supplements that extra umph-factor to your gift makes Caroline Apollo's collection the ideal boutique of choice.

Virtual RnR

Sim Lo Lo
is also a perfect hideaway for those who just want some "me-time". It is one of the most neatly managed simulators in SL. What is so striking about Lo Lo is its idyllic lake, which is why I have made it one of my favourite virtual hangouts.

Visit Lo Lo and see it all for yourself, you would be happy you did! Item's can be rezzed on site though out of courtesy to the owner, do clean up prim-litter when you leave.

Striking Gold!

Just like what I have said in this blog's title: The best things in life are FREE, so why not take advantage of the L$1.00 giveaway at the lobby? For just a quid, you get a whole set of "rocks" and mind you it is worth every linden.

BUT hey, I am willing to give away readers of this blog a chance to get that for FREE (well technically it would cost me a linden dollar but what the heck). Just IM me and I would be glad to take you there. This offer is limited to the first 100 readers so grab the opportunity while you still can! A hundred AVs may not be easy to sort out hahaha. This offer expires on June 30th, 2008, but you can always get it for a dollar as long as it is still on offer. oooopssssie daisy!

Caroline Apollo frequents Lo Lo herself as she constantly updates items being offered at her shops. I find her collection to be innovative and exquisite and I see her as the Versace in SL jewelry designing. Apart from that all, she's one of the nicest and modest people you would meet (so far, so good! hahaha), I'm glad I am one who has been given that privilage... she's so cool and she rocks mate!

More of Lo Lo (and Miramare) soon, so keep looking up!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Rediscovering Life The Second Time Around

(Revised March 2009, Reviewed May 2012)
The start of this year has led me to a magnificent new discovery. The appetite to exploring more while moving away from the usual stuff, hollered the need for change. Deviating from the normal and monotonous lifestyle I've ever been so comfortable living with.

Apart from making this my first ever blog (Friendster, Multiply, MySpace for me were just perfect for posting and sharing pics), I have decided to give this so called Second Life (SL) a go. I have been reading about it in various newsprints for a couple of years now (on topics about virtual banks, linden dollars, the virtual economy etc) thinking it was just something more of a child's play.

But what can be so fascinating about avatars frolicking in a virtual world when I have my Playstation and PC-strategy games to keep me company in my past time? I never really thought it was something to be serious about... until I got in.
An episode of CSI: New York changed all that. Showing me how cool this virtual world could actually be (dangerous as depicted in that episode), the curious moggie inside had convinced me that I should give it a try =^.^= mew. Besides, it's been quite a while since the last time I went along with something so trendy and popular.

It wasn't going to take long (since registering was as easy as reciting your ABCs) that I would get hooked in my newest discovery. I was like a cat in catnip heaven! My first ever property in Hale Hakuna, time to try those interior designing skills.

Live Out Your Fantasies!

Second Life (SL) is like being born again (yep hallelujah), an opportunity to live out your fantasies (or life's frustrations) that some of us may be having in real life (which some SL residents refer to as RL). For others it can actually be the perfect diversion to run away from life's imperfections.

One of the many amazing things you can do in SL that gives it the cool-factor is the ability to fly and teleport, the stuff that dreams are made of. You can re-create a totally new you or in the case of others such as myself, mirror an amalgamated representation of who you are in RL. Some chose to turn themselves into fairies, divas, demi-gods, the typical girl-next-door, and even the hottie everyone would be talking about. Probably the best part would be your ability to be all of the above mentioned with just a click of the mouse (you can make that "clicks" since it also depends on how many layers of outfits and attachments you wish to wear with your avatar).

If you always felt that you should have been born a woman instead of a man (or vice versa) without having to go through an "op", now is your chance! /me winks

Some in-worlders would also tell you about finding their soul mate in Second Life, others believe meeting the best friend they always wished they had. It is true when people claim they have built strong RL relationships from SL. I have witnessed a lot in my first few days as a resident, though I still have to find mine: "Hello? Anybody out there?"

... or should I say: "Hi I'm Chuckie and I'm your friend 'till the end." hahahaha

A Parallel World or an Alternate Universe?

I do find that a lot of things in SL are somewhat parallel to our RL. Some actually practice their profession in this virtual SL as a lot of structures have actually been designed by real life architects (magnificent structures drafted to scale). There are Real Estate brokers who use SL to hone their selling and convincing skills as I have witness quite a few.

Money is actually involve in the form of Linden Dollars (L$) which by the way can be bought or converted back to real US$. You can't go shopping around without it, though a lot of things can be acquired for free. In fact there are a lot of residents who are very much willing to help you get started on the right foot, which helps settle you down quickly in Second Life. I have met a few in my first few days in-world, smashingly-amazing people I may say!

Some residents are good business people while others (like me) are just the typical buying consumer. Looking for new things to add in my virtual wardrobe (pictured).

As of this posting, I am about just 3 weeks old. Been through a lot in trying to upgrade my virtual-self from being that noob (an in-world slang for newbie or a new comer) Haraguy to a customised designer bloke, and I never had to endure all that pain for having to go under the knife! woot! I felt there was a need to quickly upgrade myself since having to see a lot of newbies using the same default avatar (AV) was giving me that queasy feeling.

The first object I got was a hugtool which some friendly residents gave away freely... and eventually giving me my first ever virtual hug.. wehey! and that felt kinda great for a virtual thing... surreal... You can hug someone else with it as well, but would you really dare? hehehe

I've made myself quite busy inworld lately...

... from having done a lot of shopping in trying to improve my appearance to my pixel-heart's content (being a shopaholic is quite unusual for a guy don't you think LOL)...

... to having gotten my first shot at renting a condo for L$1500pm (thanks to a very friendly bloke named Ashton)...

... to gain enough friends to share your POVs with and rid yourself of loneliness in-world... (even in a virtual world, being alone sucks! No AV should be an island)

... to experience my first virtual clubbing thanks to the hottest and kindest ├╝ber babe of Miramare (you really have to meet her, she's so so cool! PROMISE!)... and so much more! Everything in Second Life has so far been a fairly great experience for me. I'm still struck in awe!

SL my new obsession?

I have never felt this excited and so indulged since my eBay addiction (so far 350 positive feedbacks and counting ha ha ha, reach for the stars!), and I am confident that living a dual-life would be enjoyable for as long as Second Life would be around!

Too many experiences and adventures to share with you, which I do wish to save for later. For now I will continue exploring and hopefully find myself in-word... and I shall keep you all posted along the way.