Thursday, 24 July 2008

Raging Roaring Road Runners Pt.3

Just when you start to wonder why it is taking so long for ProStreet Cars to release a new supercar, they suddenly unveil the one car that has been in my wish list for a long time now. TerdNerd Barbosa releases that Prancing Horse from the its stable, and expect this black stallion to be doing wild horse kicks on the track. This car is like no other and is nothing near being amateurishly crafted. Like the other supercars I have featured in my 4R-series (Raging Roaring Road Runners) blog, this latest release is also in my list as one of the best and rare beauties you would find in SL.

This car is available in a cabriolet or a standard top with seven colours to chose from. Choosing which one to take will not be as easy as you think. It took me 20 minutes-plus and at least two purchases before I could finally say that I was truly happy... laughter

ProStreet Cars gave me back confidence in collecting SL cars since getting very disappointed with the first one I bought from another maker as a noob. People would surely remember their first set of wheels, but mine was surely one I'd rather forget.

TerdNerd's latest releases are Havok 4 ready, with strong sigh of relief.

Havok 4 is a new platform that sort of destroyed if not killed a lot of scripted objects that were pre-H4 manufactured, cringes. ProStreet Cars (like all of the other builders of cars, aircrafts, boats and security systems) was not spared by this dreaded phenomenon that affected some of the older generation products.

It had been a while, after so many visits to their car showroom at Winkie that they had finally released something new. And just by chance having that gut feeling in me to visit the shop, that I got a hold of this road-legal Ferrari.

Proud Ferrari owners: My babes shows how pleased she is with this easy to drive supercar, as she burns the blue asphalt at Racer's Island prior to having our cars copulating together. grins...

The 2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

IRL (in real life) this new car is an all-aluminum two-seater named after the circuit Ferrari uses to hone the performance of both their race cars and street cars. The GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta giving tribute to the Berlinettas that also helped the Italian car maker (ahem.. and Tom Selleck's Magnum P.I.) become a household name.

It is by far the best Ferrari ever to be produced in Second Life, replacing the Lamborghinis (which I also got from ProStreet Cars) as my favourite among the other supercars in their roster. It is one of the most stable cars I have ever handled. So straightforward that even noobs will not have a hard time taming this wild horse.

The superb stability can be credited to the new standards which high level car makers include in their packages. Think Porsche Carrera GT and Formula One cars. User friendly menus and HUDs have put the level of SL supercar enthusiast a notch higher, giving birth to Gen 4 autos (Generation-4) which have adapted to the H4 platform. This means more features... more special effects... more stability... high performance... less lag problems.

Rear it baby! Driving a Gen-4 has never been this great especially when you get to race one with the love of your life. Now this gives new meaning to the word "sex-drive"!

Gen~4 Standard Menus

What seems to have been a special feature in Gen-3 cars is now a standard in today's H4-ready supercars. They give drivers the option to customise and tweak the cars default settings. Though short of being as fully customisable as Z.A. Motor's Porsche Carrera GT, the custom~menu offers one of the most important tweak-able feature in racing cars: adjustments for suspension and steering.

Upon clicking the Suspension button (see below), options to set the car on Race mode or Drift can be found. As well as the car's Height for both the front suspensions and back; Down Force which adjusts traction; and Turn Rate which tweaks the cars steering capability. The higher the gear, the lower the number should be.

I would personally recommend Turn Rate 2 for Gear 4 or Turn Rate 3 for Gear 3 when driving in the Grand Canyon circuit, the newest track for Formula SL racing.

If ever you feel that you have messed up your car's settings, just click the RESET button.

Now for the fun part.. well actually the showing-off part hehehe. Self explanatory buttons: Rev revolutionises as well as make your engine roar, while Burn will billow out smoke from your burning tyres.

Hit the pedals, hold the hand brakes and release the clutch. Burning rubber drifting style! Amazing special effects in todays Gen-4 cars.

My First Wheels

Coincidentally my first car was a Ferrari but it was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was a "boxy" Gen-1 built (Generation-1) as what you would expect with the earlier circa 2004 versions. It looked a lot better on the vendor picture and I only got to see its true nature when I rezzed it on the ground. I had no second thoughts in deciding not to drive it around Barcola and Miramare as it was something that was surely meant to be forgotten.

With the release of this magnificent Ferrari 599, I can now have the closure I need for having to ditch my old one and finally move on. I'll just leave the rest of the story to history books.

I want my sushi! And don't forget the wasabi...

Most of my supercars in my collection are European makes. And why not? They are prestigious, glamorous and very appealing, quite stereotypical I may say. BUT you ain't see nothing yet until you have tried the legendary Mitsubishi Evolution VII. Apart from the regular English breakfast, fish and chips, pasta and pizza, croissants and frankfurters... it would be very interesting to try sushi, sashimi and the usual misu soup. It is now time to try Japanese!

IRL it commands respect as it is known to be the best Japanese rally car ever to be built as it can go head-to-head with the famous Subaru Impreza. Each new Evo release gets better than the former and the Evo-VII is the living proof.

Tunnel vision: Testing the Evo on the tracks of the Grand Canyon circuit as it breezes through smoothly at each chicane.

ProStreet Cars hits the jackpot again with this exotic lass from the East. Just like the Ferrari 599, it is so quickly to rez and is quite low in lag which is common to most, if not all Gen-4 cars. It also has a menu for you to be able to adjust its steering and balance the handling ability of the car. But that is not only what makes this car so great, listen to its spontaneous and realistic throttle as it shifts gears and peaks up speed. It gives you the impression that you are really behind the wheel. So get your drifting gear and try this mean momma for yourself.

Smokin' blizzards! The Evo-VII drifting through the canyon's tunnel as it auto balances itself against under-steer.

To see it is to believe...

I discovered ProStreet Cars by accident while going on a FREEBIE hunt. A Gen-2 Lamborghini Countach was my target, unfortunately as I got there it was no longer available as a freebie give-away. But instead it was offered as a prize bundle for a "first letter of your name" lottery. The closest I was going to get my hands on this car was slim to none since the odds of seeing a letter N being called that day was almost impossible.

Not all may be lost as it seems since visiting the showroom lead me to discover better Gen-3 autos, all from ProStreet Cars:

Lambourghini Spyders (hardtop and a slide-up door cabriolet); a Lambourghini Gallardo (slide up doors); a Porsche 911 GT (swing door and rear-engine hood animation); and an Aston Martin DB8 which all are still available to purchase from L$500.00 at their Winkie showroom

The shop boasts of three levels filled with over 40 supercars on sale. Featuring most of the popular makes we know today, from the classic era to modern day cars. I was actually sent out the first time I went there. Not because I played some annoying gesture or had griefed the place with lag-creating scripted objects, nup not that at all. It was simply because I caused people to slip on the floors. Apparently, I never stopped drooling looking at every featured car. hahahaha

So the next time you go there, please try to bring for yourself a drool bag.

A place I wish I can call my home. You'll spend hours just marveling at these cars. And perhaps even just for a second, you would surely wish you had all of them for yours to keep. Visit ProStreet Cars at Winkie:

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Raging Roaring Road Runners Pt.2

There is nothing as loud as a Formula One car both in-world and on a real track. And what others hear as noise may in fact be music in the ears to some! Even in Second Life these racetrack-demons live by their reputation. The creations of RamessesIII Pharaoh are considered one of the best sculpted sports cars made specifically for virtual racing. Only a few cars made in SL are as super-detailed as Ram's creations. These mean machines are as exclusive and rare as they can get in SL. Try SLExchange and see if you can find one as magnificently done as Ramrod Racing's creation.

World-class drivers! One time F1 protegee David Coulthard (GBR) for RedBull Racing Team; current F1 world champion Kimi Raikonnen (Fin) for Scuderia Ferrari; and Fernando Alonso (Esp) for Renault F1 Team go head-to-head at Sim Australia's Ponderosa Race Track

Like most of the cars I have in my collection, track-testing all of them is such a joy! Getting to control these cars rather than them controlling you may be a challenge. It may just be putting your mind over the matter and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each car. And dwelling more on their strengths would be a deciding factor whether you will go far with these brutes.

SL Formula One cars just like in real-life are never easy to drive. Who ever said that they were and that they should be? After all, real-life Formula One drivers are the creme de la creme, so why do we (SL residents) have to be exempted from that fact? (laughter).

It takes a lot of dedication, discipline, patience and skill to get control over the wheels. Going through every chicane with the possibility of getting too much or too little under-steer, may mean the difference between safely driving through each bend or getting into a nasty crash (lucky enough if you won't come crashing on another driver).

Most importantly, honing your skills would mean the difference between getting first place or becoming second in a race. Talking about these supercars is awesome BUT driving them is really something else.

The F1-inspired shrine especially made for die-hard fans can be located in two interesting sims:

The Minoa Sim

Formula One inspired pits. The display area at Minoa has a more F1 feel to it. A garage housing three (3) of the best race cars ever to grace Formula One, as well as a Subaru Impreza rally car are on display. Look further and you'll find something sleek and interesting that you may take home for FREE!

A fantastic show! Come and see the uncanny resemblance of these sculptured F1-inspired cars to their real life counter parts. Red Bull Racing Team, Renault F1 Team and the Scuderia Ferrari supercars are on display at the Minoa shrine.

Celebrating The Cars

Not a lot know of the Red Bull F1 Team using a same specification Ferrari V8 engine as the Scuderia Ferrari team (when Formula One downgraded engine power from the ever popular V10 in 2006). The Red Bull Racing Team consecutively won 7th place in the Constructors Title in the 2005 and 2006 seasons. They went two notches up at 5th place in 2007 in spite of having 14 retirements between drivers David Coulthard (GBR) and Mark Webber (Aus) with whom the latter won a 3rd Place podium finish for the team at the European Grand Prix. The team currently uses a Renault V8 engine which won Fernando Alonso (Esp) of the Renault F1 Team, back to back championships.

The Renault F1 Team is famous for breaking up the Ferrari winning streak. A title which was held by Michael Schumacher (Ger) of Scuderia Ferrari for 5 years since 2000. It was the young Spaniard who took away the crown from the German, not only for the Drivers' Championship but also for the title for being the youngest F1 driver to bring home the cup. Schumacher was 25 when he won in 1999 for Benetton-Ford while Alonso was 24 winning for Renault. However, Renault's championship run halted when their ace driver moved to McLaren-Mercedez to join the newly signed up Lewis Hamilton (GBR), a Formula 2 drivers champion.

In F1's 2008 season, Fernando Alonso joins back Renault and is slowly gaining ground to fight back the championship. Just like when he joined McLaren-Mercedez replacing Kimi Räikkönen who then moved to Ferrari, he is "rumoured" to replace the Finn again if ever the current world champion decides to retire.

The Prancing Horse made history during its comeback in the Formula One scene with its first Drivers' Championship win in 21 years, courtesy of the legendary Michael Schumcher. The German gave Scuderia Ferrari a 5 year winning streak (2000-2004) with Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, and Jean Todt teaming up to be part of the strategic, technical and engineering team; and Rubens Barrichello (Bra) as his long-time running-mate. They were considered the dream team in F1.

This was the start of Ferrari F1's comeback as a dominant force, setting the standards on Formula One racing, only yielding to Renault for 1st place in the Drivers' Championship in 2005 and 2006.

Kimi Räikkönen (Fin), a former rival of Schumacher, took over the reigns of the 7-time world champ and narrowly won back the championship from Lewis Hamilton (a newcomer and a surprise contender to the crown) in the 2007 season. As of press-time, the ongoing F1 2008 Season sees Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, and Ferrari team mate Felippe Massa (Bra) vying for the prestigious and most coveted Drivers' Championship.

Look Around Minoa And Prepare Be Amazed...

It would be fun for any F1 fan to visit the Minoa shrine and get to meet "Schuey" tending the stalls (who also seems like he needs his job back hehehe). You'll be surprised to see the BEST RACING HELMETS in the WHOLE of SL guarded by the former world champ! I have all of them including the Ferrari bull caps which are on display. I do not see why you should not have them as well hehehe.

Uhmmm, don't bother talking to the champ. He does not seem to be in the mood for chats. Believe me, I tried and even told the funniest and corniest of jokes that I know of. But not the slightest smirk can be seen on his face (sighs). I think it must have been that Macarena dance I did for him as I chant: "Viva Ferrari!". I speculate that he has some issues with anything Spanish... then I thought to myself: "ahhh.. Fernando Alonso.." laughter

These fantastic helmets are none like no other in SL. I have seen so many sports helmets BUT nothing comes close to RamessesIII Pharaoh's collection! They go well with any sports gear, be it superbikes, hydrofoils or any other supercars.

This black prototype is not the Batmobile, so do not be fooled by its sleekness and colour. It is RamessesIII Pharaoh way of saying thank you to all the fans who visits the shrine. It has the option to change to three more other colours apart from black. And being a FREEBIE is something that makes visiting Minoa worth the trip.

It has the F2007 engine pre-H4 and would be a good way to test your skills in driving a proper F2008 car. I am sure after trying this baby, you would definitely move up to the next level! Good luck!

The Hope Capital Sim

Here you will find Ram's Ferrari Shrine and see the history on how the car evolved. It is also the only museum in Second Life dedicated to Scuderia Ferrari. A dismantled scaled-model on display will show you the level of complexity the sculptured car has, as well as RamessesIII Pharaoh's outstanding craftsmanship.

From having built it on raw and edgey prims for the first prototype to the more rounded and formed second prototype, you will see RamessesIII Pharaoh's ingenuity at work.

His first attempt on textures shows his dedication to produce a car that closely resembles the real life model. And as more and more features are being introduced in building and crafting in SL, the details of the supercar becomes more and more prominent. The F2007 was the start of something big for Ferrari fans in Second Life. And the ultimate unveiling the F2008 version gave racing enthusiasts a taste on how virtual realism really should be.

The introduction of the Sculpty in SL had indeed revolutionised the building of virtual crafts to people like RamessesIII Pharaoh. I wont be surprise at all that if ever the F2009 comes out, it would be nothing less than awesome and inspiring!

Don't just take my word for it, go and experience the F1 phenomenon in Second Life now.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Raging Roaring Road Runners Pt.1

"Oh a lucky penny!"... that's what most people say when they find a tiny copper coin along the way. But what if you chance upon something bigger... something even more grand? Something that is composed of Carbon Fiber reinforced Plastics (CFP) instead of copper? Yep, I'm talking about the latest update for one of SL's greatest supercar!

Now this beauty is something I can really call my own! I painted this car.. I changed the alloy wheels... I adjusted the engine and tweaked its steering and breaking HP... I buffed it until it shined! And who would have thought that something we would do in a real life car could also be done here in Second Life. Am I dreaming or what?

It was just a couple of months ago when I posted a review about this fantastic car, as well as sharing some first hand information on its official release. With the amazing outcome of the beta version (the prototype was offered to the SL public for those who cannot wait for the actual release), we somehow expected something explosive on the next public offering... and only to find out that it was something even better!

The Porsche Carrera GT~SR

After a fairly slight delay for the update, the Carrera GT finally goes into full blast living much to its expectation for being one of the best cars ever to be produced in Second Life. There is more than meets the eye with this car! Not that it is going to transform into an amazing alien robot or something.. no, not at all... It is all about the added features not only for the car per se but for its Heads Up Display (HUD) as well.

Think more buttons for the HUD. Think spares for your flat tyres! Think never ending tinkering with its settings and discover more of what you can do with it, giving you the freedom to customise almost everything to your heart's content. Never has any car in SL been this interactive ever before!

The revamped HUD: with new additions on top of the existing ones, everything is accessible with just a click of button. The Colour/Tint Configuration button is located at the far right side of the HUD, while the Options and Camera View buttons are both easily located at the inner~bottom portion.

This gives new meaning to the phrase: "no car will ever be the same again". And yes sirs and madams, your car for the first time will have its own identity. Say goodbye to that funny feeling of having to drive your car alongside one that looks exactly as yours.

The new colours? There are unlimited colours to choose from! Think of all the possibilities and endless choices. As promised by its creator, the new package includes a Colour/Tint Configuration tool which as mentioned earlier, gives you the freedom to choose your car's colour as well as the option to adjust its RGB (red, green, blue) hue values, a tint to overlay the base colours.

The moment we have all been waiting for. Giving a new paint job for our prized beauty! Customizing its colour can be done by part leaving your car with highlights as well as giving it more depth and dimension. Can't decide what colour to make of your car? Check this out:

Apart from the 12-colour base option (see menu below), you can add three (3) levels of shine (from matte to super gloss and wet look) as well as adjust the RGB tint of the car (as seen on the menu above). And by the way, you have to CLICK the "blue pill looking" APPLY button on top of the UI to make your adjustments work!

Why we have LIME as a colour option is beyond my knowledge, (chuckles). Don't be surprised to find out that it is the default colour we all will be getting in our new package. Maybe I give IAm a call and ask him why lime? (laughter). Now that I think about it, it may be a way to push us to immediately custom colour our cars before driving them on the road and track (winks).

As mentioned in my last blog about this magnificent machine, new alloy wheels will be included in the update. But who would ever have thought that there are actually three (3) options for us to play around with. Think wet, dry and intermediate tyres! You will never get tired looking at the same tyres ever again!

The Colour/Tint Configuration tool also includes a selection of three (3) alloy wheel sets to match your taste and style. All three can be custom coloured just like the rest of the car. (see related photo below)

Surprise, surprise! And aren't you glad you have waited a bit longer? Instead of only one replacement for the plain looking-beta version wheels, IAm gives his loyal and "patient" clients a treble treat! SL cars had never been so close to RL cars as Z.A. Motors offers

Tweaking The Unthinkable

Another great feature of the car is giving you the ability to tweak the cars settings to your preference as seen in the menu below:

seating position to adjust according to your AV's size. So say goodbye to short arms and hanging hands seemingly unable to reach for the steering wheel;

power options which also adds to the thrust, torque, push and pull of the car;

steering to adjust the under-steer preference, the same adjustments they do on F1 cars depending on the type of track. It is also used to adjust your cars drifting capability to make that perfect 360-clutch-screeching-and-rubber-burning spin. Mind you, white smoke from burning rubber will actually show up when you drift as well as when you hit the breaks;

breaks will adjust the distance of your breaking horse-power.

No Pain, No Gain.. and please pass me the salad!

It was obviously hard work for the car's creator to jam all these superb features into one magnificent package. Like something that is properly cooked before being served to guests. Much like Gordon Ramsey making you wait just a little bit longer for the main course BUT with the guarantee of having all the right ingredients for you to enjoy... well less the swearing and F-words of course. For new Porsche owners, it is like having a spanking brand new car while pioneer drivers like me are having our lindens worth for the investment we put on the prototype.

The standard adjustment values for the three main features (power, steering, breaks) are shown in the diagram above. The most crucial adjustment would be modifying the understeer of the car. No driver drives exactly the same as the other, making these tweak-able features a big jump forward on how SL cars really should be. Encouraging a bit more of interaction between the man and the machine really adds a lot to the appeal of this Porsche Carrera GT.

The standard realistic headlights and tail lights (that actually glow and illuminate) are just but a throw in, as well as the new Carrera GT sounds that react to the car's every move and action. The nitro-boost and the drift feature is something I still have to master or try even, but that can wait. For just sitting behind the wheel and viewing the car 360 over already gives you that feel-good sensation. What more when you actually try it on the tarmac on some of SL's best race tracks.

By the way, have you tried driving this supercar on 3rd gear? If not, you are missing a lot! Turn up your speakers, listen to the authentic engine sounds roar and watch out for that rear-end spoiler go aero-dynamic (hints). You could even try going a gear higher, 5th gear even and see the unparalleled stability and control this car offers. I have never driven any car past 4th gear until I got behind the wheel of this Carrera.

Every single detail adds to the fun factor as one would say. There are three (3) viewing options (I am really starting to believe that three is the favourite number of IAm Zebellin, hahaha) for the on-board camera. It is the only car to have a dynamic camera, something which I have only seen on planes created by Wilder-Mills Aviation, Inc. oh my such amazing planes!

There are instances where in the camera view goes on auto-panning as if a third-party person is showing different angles as you drive and turn. It is truly amazing I tell you!

Satisfying My Vanity

And of course, there is nothing wrong in adding up a special feature I crafted up myself. Just like in real life, car owners have this knack on having vanity plates for their exotic beauties. Something that would make your car truly one of a kind in the whole of the SL world.

Sorry IAm, I really think my registration plates looks way much cooler in my car! hehehe

I believe that a car without a plate is like having a baby without a name. So why not have one for yourself? I had a great time crafting this on my own, and patterned it after local registration plates here in UK. Now that really is a beauty!

Hrmm I hear some IM request for some customised plates coming in... "kaching".. hahaha

Take A Tour

Have not got your own Porsche Carrera GT yet? Try visiting Mo Island and see some of the cars on display, as well as getting the chance to tinker with the first ever prototype. Try changing its oil, check the under chassis or even listen to the original set of engine sounds to get that interactive feel. See if that is not convincing enough for you to grab yourself a unit?

You can also visit Z.A. Motor's showroom at Racer's Island alongside other sports cars on display. Look next door and you will find another set of supercars to marvel at, hint. There is also a multi-level race circuit below the showroom, where you can drive test your Carrera GT right away! But a friendly piece of advice, please do come script-free as well as devoid of any unnecessary attachments. You won't need your AO and radar on the track anyway and it helps giving you and other drivers a superb high-performance experience!

On display: Both the prototype and the final release version are on display at Racer's Island. And I was not joking when I told you about lime being the default colour. hehehe... Well you probably know by now that it is only temporary.

Latest Scoop?

Wondering if there are any updates needed for the Carrera GT? Hrmmm... where was it that I heard of a gear knob and a pair of sporty wipers being crafted for a Porsche? winks.

More of the details can be find in Z.A. Motors official blog, so i need not to make redundant details. IAm Zebelin can explain it better.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Conquering SL Skies

The 2008 Grumman F-14 Tomcat

The long wait is over after so much anticipation for the release of the latest F-14 Tomcat at Wilder West. It was rumoured to really blow your mind away, but you wont really know how kick~ass this bird of steel is until you see it for yourself. There was good reason for its slight delay which coincided with the expansion of Wilder West to include other sims in its fly zone. Flying the Tomcat in the expanded area would definitely give you superb airborne experience. The new F-14 is a magnificent collaboration between Niki Wilder and MeganAnn Mills, head honchos of Wilder Mills Aviation, Inc. which develops, conceptualise, design and manufacture jet fighters, utility aircraft and show planes in Second Life.

Flying over Miramare-Barcola skies en route to Bay City, the F-14 is one of the best two-seater fighter jets available in SL today! A supreme eye-catcher!

Comparing it from the first version (which was my second jet fighter procurement after chancing upon the F/A-18 Hornet a couple of months ago), much of it has changed thus it being more of a new plane than an update. Just at first glance you will see and feel that it has been a labour of love, and know the reason why it took longer be to released than earlier anticipated.

New amazing features were even added:

A tail hook which is standard in RL aircraft carrier jets was added; cockpit opens and closes upon command both on-board and outside the plane; machine guns as well as adding the new Aim-9 Sidewinder missile and the Aim-54 Phoenix ( in its artillery; beacon lights at the cockpit and dual-tail fin; realistic sounds for its afterburner, artillery and engine; stable handling especially during landing on the carrier deck; gear and wing commands and the usual dynamic camera which is standard and only available from most aircraft manufactured at Wilder~Mills Aviation, Inc.

Badass artillery! Both missiles can be activated by typing F1 or F2 in local chat. It's such an amazing sight to see**.

The new Tomcat is probably one of the best planes by WMA Inc. since the F8F Bearcat release in May 2008, and adding a bit of visual artillery adds more to its charm.

The Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

The Army's answer to the stealth fighter jets being used by today's modern-day military, the Comanche is quite a formidable force to reckon with. Fitted with both air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and the standard 200mm Gatling gun, it is the best reconnaissance and attack helicopter to date.

Attack from the shores: The Comanche when fully loaded** is an intimidating piece of machinery!

A re-modified version is available at Wilder Mills Aviation, Inc with an easy to use command system all controllable within mouselook mode. It features a built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD) and is manoeuvred using both the arrow keys and mouse for direction while PGUP/PGDN keys controls the altitude. The chopper can be started by typing START, and stopped by typing STOP in local chat as well as deploying bombs by typing ON and stop the bombardment by typing OFF. Guns are fired using the left mouse. It is by far the easiest attack chopper to fly with realistic sound and visual effects during take-off and landing.

Like the Tomcat, the Comanche is a two-seater aircraft and can reach heights as far as the SL stratosphere. Speed can be commanded by typing 1 to 9 (20% to 90% velocity) or ZERO (for 100% full thrust). It can be flown to and from any skybox or platform above 512 metres.

There are more interesting planes being offered at Wilder Mills. Go visit USS Wilderwest and see all of them for yourself.

** featured missiles are not included in the purchase. They were custom made by N71 Aeon and were taken from another source. They are not attached to the aircraft but worn as an attachment.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

5.5.5.: JACKPOT! Kaching!

Celebrating SL5B with LoLo~5K on the 5th of July!

The day had finally arrived! Lo Lo's 5K tournament was indeed a great way to celebrate Second Life's 5th birthday! What better way to celebrate it than offer our fellow 7Seas addicts the biggest prize to be given away (in record) so far:

L$5,000 for 1st prize, L$2,000 for 2nd and L$1,000 for 3rd in a 4~hour tournament.

Early birds: Kylie Cortes, Lizzy Mornington (Mrs N71), N71 Aeon (Mr. Lizzy) and Caroline Apollo warming up for the big event at sim Lo Lo.

As a practice in tournaments sponsored at Lo Lo, surprises awaits to those who stayed throughout the game. Free baits were given away at random intervals during the tournament.

In true tradition of all 7Seas contests, the top scorers fought it down to the wire! The trend stablised 40 minutes into the game, with a tug-of-war for 1st and 2nd places being alternated between Kylie Cortes and Frurry Fluno; just a 1~4 point difference between them.

Every one's eyes were glued onto the boards as both top players go head-to-head in garnered XP points. It was the climax in all of the 240 minutes as cast-v-cast added much to the fun and socialisation in the game. Apart from the usual cash prize, Caroline's Jewelry who sponsored the event gave away Gift Certificates as consolation prizes, part of the surprises given away at Lo Lo.

Score standings were as follows: Kylie Cortes (774), Frurry Fluno (763), Granite Collas (749), Rhyasa Tigerpaw (692), Goldenstar Sands (610)

Other fishers who joined in were: Lizzy Mornington, Samantha Marksman, StarBerryLane Escape, darkevilone Demonia, LadyBug Bashly and of course Caroline Apollo.

With all the fun and excitement we had at the LoLo~5K tournament, we were thinking of doing something even bigger before the year ends... something like LoLo~10K... so watch out for that big momma of tournaments!

Only time will tell! :o)