Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lo Lo Goes Fishing Loco...

It was a spur of the moment when Caroline and I thought of relaunching Lake Lo Lo as an ideal 7Seas fishing destination. Just the perfect time to officially release our LnN custom sets to the public, which were first given away during Alice Xue's rezday at Dragon Beach as a dry run.

It was a nervous start (as it always is for me anyways hahaha) having no idea how the public's reception would be like. So far, I thought they were quite pleased with the neko couple, which convinced me to make more of them bug-eyed cuties. But nothing beats Sindy Bracken's sexy nekos though!

Go Jump In The Lake!
Lo Lo Style...

Lo Lo had been absent in the fishing circuit for quite some time now, though fishing was pretty much available throughout the whole year. This weekend's tournament is the first for Lo Lo in 2009! Grey Nacht, iPala estate owner and manager, arrived to give us some support (many thanks chap!) with his super-large electro magnetic fishing gear in tow!

Grey's huge electro-magnet seems to attract more than just fishies. As the picture shows, he's surrounded by hot legs! Well apart from that long haired AVi in the background - that's Twisted Streeter hehehe. It seems Grey's sex-appeal hasn't totally greyed out on him yet winks!

At least 26 7Seas fishers came to Lo Lo's 2009 relaunch tourney. It was a quite a strong show of force from some of the community's die-hard fishing enthusiasts. The only fisher missing though is Lizzy who had been kidnapped by RL aliens in the past couple of days! o.O nanu nanu

We still have to convince Lisa and Drei to join us, and how can we forget Ellynore and Sammie? Dang! All of them have 7S fishing rods but are so lazy to fish hehehe. Maybe they are just too afraid to get sunburn, from all that summer weather we've been getting over the weekend? Use sunscreen gals, hotdammit! Besides getting a little tan shouldn't hurt! hahaha

Smooth Sailing and Fishing
No crashes... just sunburn!

Lag meter levels were stable, with no glitches and hitches recorded during the event. It was so unfortunate that Zolo Boyoma's rod was somehow acting up; her rod wouldn't autocast. Good thing that her knight-in-shining-armour, Sir Olive Pickles was there to save the day! Other than that, all went quite well.

Now where can my Princess Lizzy Mornington be on such a romantic moment like this? grumbles

7seas royal couple! Now if that doesn't make you feel in love, I don't know what else will! Aren't they lovely together? Hugz!

Adding a Lo Lo Golden Ticket was probably a good idea to keep those who aren't able to land their names on the score boards to fish. If you have not a clue on what I'm talking about here, think Willie Wonka (less the oompa-loompas of course hahaha). The prize for catching a coupon would be one Bulk Bait Bucket (redeemable upon surrendering the stub). Unfortunately, someone has yet to claim a single coupon. They are still out there, so just keep on trying!

Alright, I know! But having Ferrero Rocher is better than having some golden glow worms staring at you from the bucket, isn't it? hahahaha. mmmmm Ferrero.... yummy! Have you caught one today?

Glamour is Synonymous to Lo Lo

Indeed it must be summer as fishers donned their best outdoor outfits! Blyxa Darling, probably the best dressed fisher of the day catches the first custom: a Buttercup Nets A Fish. Call it a coincidence but I swear with all that black hair, green eyes and a net hanging around her waist; she is the human avi version of Buttercup!

SadieMae Jameson in an all A/X purple sexy outfit (try figuring that one out hahaha) catches fish with utmost finesse and poise. Somehow she reminds me of Alice Xue! Also check out her popular dragons at Dragon Beach, an innovator (and inventor) for multi-purpose customs.

People power! Lo Lo's 7Seas fishing relaunch was a success thanks to all who graced the event with their participation.

With the impressive attendance in this year's first tournament in Lo Lo, the probability of having impromptu contests (perhaps) on a bi-weekly basis is high.

The sun always shines for 7Seas Fishing, as the growing number of fishers is evident of its ever rising popularity among SL residents. With so many fisher folks to go around with, having conflicting schedules between two or three venues shouldn't pose a problem. Besides the sim has limits in handling multiple avis with various scripted attachments (including the rods) working all at the same time.

And the envelope goes to...
... drum roll please...

60 minute contests are usually quick, and to those who are on 7th-6th place it just isn't enough! hahaha With names going on and off the top 5 spots in an hour of endless casting and reeling, it will always be a battle between the lucky, the not so lucky and the very lucky peeps!

The top 5 players are:
1st: peppermintanne Diesel (and who said diesels never win over petrols?);
2nd: Blyxa Darling (must be her fancy rod or Buttercup netting extras);
3rd: ruzz3 Alcott (triplet fishing perhaps, or the phrase "all caught"?);
4th: NeoQueen Serenity (being a queen definitely has its perks!)
5th: Trixi Barbosa (being an early bird has its own tricks!)

Prizes were pegged at 600 (1st), 400 (2nd), 300 (3rd), 200 (4th) and 150 shiny lindens for 5th place... and in the spirit of Lo Lo tradition, random surprises to those who stayed after the contest. smiles

Oist! Caroline, wanna run away with the loot? hahaha. Many thanks to Ms. Apollo for her generous prizes!

What next for Lo Lo?

With Caroline Apollo releasing her own customs soon and LnN adding more to their sets, we may have just put Lo Lo back in the virtual fishing map. Lizzy is yet to surprise us with her own versions, and I am sure she has heaps hidden in her closet!

Hopefully this would be start of something more routine. In the mean time, this is where I go and say... let's keep fishing and building!

Tournament aftemath... stating the obvious on what's on these people's minds?

Okay! Okay before people get any crazy ideas what this picture is all about, Caroline has a new puppy! A cute and fluffy Great Dane! Congrats on your new and lovely Scooby Doo! hehehe

As for me? Well I'm just missing mah Lizzy-babes! sighs

Roll call, in order of arrival
Luckie Mendicant, Adena Benavente, Jefst Jolles, Trixi Barbosa, jodie0903 Palmer, Emo Biedermann, Davethenurse Petrovic, SadieMae Jameson, Twisted Streeter, Laura Polke, Zinbaco Kattun, billyjean Silvercloud, oopsie Oppewall, Jocelyn Finesmith, Davethenurse Petrovic, Grey Nacht, peppermintanne Diesel, pit Sharple, Caliba Sassower, Zolo Boyoma, Billybob Taggart, Fazed Lewinter, Georg Osterham, Sossa Heron, Georg Osterham, Dallas Russell, NeoQueen Serenity, Each Silversmith, Blyxa Darling, Aniri Tinkel, ruzz3 Alcott, Neon Jameson, MastersBabySlave Broome, Penni Praga

Saturday, 16 May 2009

LnN's First EVER Customs Are Here!

Building our first ever fish-able customs took a long wait, and I am sure glad that I have breached the creative barrier. Deciding how to build our own versions turned out to be quite laborious. But with reference to some of the customs available to us in the fishing community, opting for the "cute and easy-to-build types" was the best choice to get us going.

The now classic Powerpuff Girls character inspired me to go anime-style. Builds from LnN are not for sale and will only be available to catch for FREE for a limited time only. (L-R) Bubbles Luvs Octi, Blossom Lures A Piranha, and Buttercup Nets A Clown make up the first batch.

A handful of creators behind some of the most popular customs have cemented their reputation as being one of the best custom builders around. It would indeed be quite a challenge to create something as interesting and innovative as the ones currently being offered to the community. Now that the level of expectations for custom building is high, bringing out variations at par with the accustomed standards would definitely have to be a work of art.

The gist so far: Vintage battleships and pirate ships are associated with Migizi North; Daemian Ember renowned for his preference for all-prim-customs, builds amazing modern battleships; Mialissa Masala for her limited edition fed jellies and crab cakes while fellow SugarRush entrepreneur Skinny Paine has popularised building block (aka lego) inspired-customs; Amara Twilight (with no relation to vampires whatsoever hehehe) is synonymous to exotic and sometimes erotic mermaids; Dragonfishes are Alice Xue's turf, Resisupo chipmunks are a mainstay in the Magic of Oz; and the list goes on with veteran builders like Rails Bailey (Van Deimen's Land-Shimano), Grey Nacht (iPala), Shelly Macci (The Pig and Whistle), Sindy Bracken (Original LOLRus and Neko Characters), Oasis, Aruba, Alien Isles, naniSL, katat0nik, Takeli-li among many others make up the ever growing roster of 7Seas celebrity builders.

The second batch of PPG customs: Buttercup Is A Tease, Bubbles Drops A Fishie, and Blossom's Bag of Fishies, adds a bit of emotion with poofer texture effects overhead.

Bug-eyed Cuties
Reviving the Powerpuff Girls (PPG) phenomena...

Going for anime-style made it easier for us to build customs and the PPGs were just the perfect models. The designs on our sets evolved to a more personalised/all-original version with Liz and I modeling our customs on ourselves.

Go bag yourself an SUR! LnN's Karaoke Queen and King and the Tulips For Two Lips customs will start a series of caricature versions featuring SL personalities.

Earlier versions were unorthodoxical by interpretation with customs depicting a bit of Britishness. The Good ole English Muffin (stylised in the form of a cupcake thanks to Alice Xue's craving for it) was the first to be crafted followed by the humble Fish n' Chips (with mayo). Variations of the two customs soon followed with the addition of the Scottish Haddock and Chips (with tartare sauce), the Naughty Fish n' Chips ( inspired - well it's a UK thing hahaha), the Blueberry Oz (Australian) Muffin; and of course a meal is never complete without something to help the food run down smoothly: NapsieCola (Coke inspired) with Lizzy-ade.

Nothing compares to traditional fish and chips freshly served at your local shop. Customs celebrating a bit of Britishness and the Commonwealth.

Let The Fishing Begin...
Exclusive to Lo Lo

You can catch these customs at the marvelous Lake Lo Lo, and many thanks to Caroline Apollo for giving these customs a home! Catch rates are currently 20-30% higher than the suggested percentage, which makes collecting a tad more pleasant. So enjoy the customs as much as we enjoyed crafting them for you!

Catnapped Neko shows the continuously evolving look of LnN customs.

The sets are also "housed" in an unannounced/undisclosed location, so don't be surprised if you do suddenly catch one out of the blue! I also carry a CPG with me whenever and wherever I fish, unless the area owners prohibits any form of squatting (hahaha).

We will try to bring out at least two sets (usually three customs in a set) each month, just keep an eye for any announcements. In the meantime, get those rods fully baited and let's all go fishing for more customs!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Daemian Ember: The King of Pure Prim Building

Fishing at Sugar Rush's Developers Dock with Grey Nacht led me to discover an extraordinary custom crafted by 7Seas veteran Daemian Ember; the SUR Aircraft Carrier. It was definitely an eye catcher as it was the biggest custom I have seen so far.

Formerly located at the WickedlySinful sim, DE originally offered his customs on global mode (caught at random regardless of rarity) making the whole set much easier to complete. But despite them being an easy catch, Daemian Ember did not fail to make them as popular as the other mainstream collectibles. The quality they posses will even pass the eye of the most fussiest of all 7S custom-collectors.

Perhaps a version 2 will see the aircraft carrier with miniature fighter jets; and the battleship with firing cannons. With Daemian's preference for detail and realism, who knows?

The SUR Aircraft Carrier (top) and the SUR Battleship (below) were part of Daemian's original set. Both customs average 1.5 metres (in the SL virtual metric system) making them the biggest and the longest customs ever built for the 7Seas Fishing Community as yet.

For those who are very particular with detail, one will know of the hard work that has been poured and spent into each of DE's customs - all of which are built with dimension, precision and proportion.

Battle of The Great Subs!
The cold war continues...

Recalling how I marveled at the sight of a non-7Seas swimming pet for the first time (during one of Jackpot Fall's fishing tournaments), DE gave us a glimpse to one of his upcoming submarines way before 7Seas opened the floodgates to custom building. I guess that says a lot on how passionate Daemian is about his custom builds; then again I'm sure all custom-builders are!

A sight which both the Whitehouse and the Kremlin would dread. Perhaps the first and only modern day submarine customs available to the 7Seas fishing community.

The American Ohio Class Submarine (above) seems to square it off underwater with the Soviet Red October Submarine (below) in this mock-up battle of DE's UltraRare custom collection. Still living up to the battleship and aircraft carrier's reputation for being all-prim-builds, the submarines give new meaning to the phrase "a deadly catch".

Adding More To The Man-O-War Portfolio
The US Navy's Landing Craft Air-Cushion (LCAC)

After having been in sabbatical for several months, Daemian Ember returns to us in true-form with the release of his long anticipated LCAC. Having seen how he built it from scratch (which was how I was inspired to do my customs mostly on prims rather than sculpties), it's amazing to see its final outcome - from just being a jumble of raw prims a couple of weeks back to something close to the real thing.

Daemian Ember does his finishing touches to the new LCAC custom in 1:5 scale. Top inset: A perspective of the LCAC; Lower inset: An actual photo of the military hovercraft.

The LCAC dons the spinning propeller trademark with a twist: water sprays from the amphibious craft's 4-bladed R345 propellers. The Rare U.S. Navy LCAC custom is indeed a perfect addition to Daemian Ember's amazing collection.

The Sloop-Of-War
DE goes vintage battleships!

Custom styles which were originally Migizi North's forté had caught up with Daemian Ember's creativity. The SuperUltraRare Sloop of War is the latest in DE's custom offering. With the ability to fire multiple cannons (thanks to a collaboration with Migizi North himself), you can't help but get reminded of those ghostly pirate ships that started people collecting these amazing wearable ship "pets".

Quels sont vos ordres mon capitaine? The Battle of the Atlantic can now be re-enacted with Migizi's own battleships. Let the fireworks begin!

With Daemian getting a hold of the "exploding cannon" script, perhaps a v2.0 of previous builds will see them upgraded with working cannons? The Sloop-of-War may be a glimpse on how future releases in the DE collection would be like. Even the shoulder cannon had been upgraded to a v2.0, replacing the older static version.

A New Custom In The Works?

Rumour of a fishing trawler is close to being released with just two "parts" needed for its completion. I guess the whole idea for this vessel is to "hoard" all the fishies we can get in the waters eh? (hehehe)

It never is hard to complete DE sets as catch rates are affixed to be higher than the standard percentage. The regulated number of customs would leave you enough time to try and complete other customs.

DE collaborations with RA Fishing are now available to catch at the Fairy Cove, along with Daemian's personal custom builds. Perhaps those who know him well would agree that he is more than just a builder... he's one heck of an innovator.


Monday, 16 March 2009

7Seas 1st Fishiversary!

On March 15, 7Seas Fishing celebrated its First Year Anniversary! That's one whole year of fostering fishing addicts like me! hahaha 7Seas may still be seen as the new kid on the block in the virtual fishing biz, but the success it has enjoyed in the past 12 months is paramount! Going head to head with established virtual fishing games in Second Life was one brave move the Thorne and the Shikamis of 7Seas had demonstrated.

But what exactly had made 7Seas Fishing so popular compared to others? What made it such a big hit after its launching exactly a year ago? I guess the secret to its unparalleled success lies within the charm and appeal it holds towards the masses. That's people power at work for you!

I waaaaaant cake! Official party favours were freely being served throughout the event. In fact they still continue to flow at Flotsam Beach, the official 7Seas Fishing Head Quarters.

What probably makes it so appealing is the low cost sale of its gear and equipment. A 100 piece bait bucket would only cost you L$30, while the recently introduced 600 bait bulk bucket (the golden big boy!) costs L$150 BUT with 100 extra baits added as an incentive.

The constant reinvention of 7Seas Fishing may have been the key in rallying support from fellow patrons. With updates and upgrades released on a regular basis, and the evolution of the 7Seas official gear becoming more user-friendly than ever before; it's no surprise why virtual fishing has continuously been exciting for all of us.

The professional rod (currently on version 3.2 for L$350 a pop) having been made modifiable and available with an invisible option, encouraged builders to create an endless collection of various custom fishing rods exclusive only to 7Seas. No two people can be seen fishing with the same rod anymore... heck, you don't even have to fish holding one at all.

We can now go fishing without the rods, while enjoying a mug of virtual cuppa and even go dancing in 7Seas-enabled clubs. Lizzy and I having hot chocolate with the usual Risisupo chipmunks and otters for breakfast at the Magic of Oz sim.

Pimp My Fish!

It is no doubt that the popularity of today's Custom Builds added to the success of 7Seas Fishing. Offering the official Developer's Kit as open source was probably the best move Seven Shikami (the big man himself) had done for us in the fishing community; encouraging ordinary fishers aspire to become custom builders themselves. From just a handful of builders since the OpenSeas Developer's Kit was released to the public, we now have a huge roster of talented artists offering to us some of their brilliant and innovative creations.

"Not another custom fish?... Aaaaaaaaaaarrghhhhh! I can't help it! I want them aaaaaaaaaall!"

What a splendid idea to bring out that creative cloud in all of us... /me bows to the 7Seas honchos ... now the addiction will never end. I start to feel sorry for those fellow fishers who LIKE ME resembles that nutty squirrel from the CGI hit-movie: Ice Age, feeling the need to get all those acorns (though in our case it's the custom fish). hahaha

A sim-wide congregation of some of the best Custom builders in 7Seas. No need to teleport from one simulator to another just to catch your favourite custom fish. Staying stationary in one area can get you all of them.

Sugar Rush (left) and Amara Twilight~Dolma Dollinger's fishing spot (right) are just two of the many other fishing areas in Osmium.

It's Party Time! Get Those Rods Out!

Still broken-hearted for missing out on the only opportunity to win any of these sought after 7Seas Ducks...

Cyber Duck supposedly won at Twilight Fishing's Fishiversary contest;
School of Ducks
from Aruba Beach Club;
Pirate Duck
offered only at Sugar Rush;
and the the bounty prize Ninja Duck at Ruthenium
(an island north of Osmium the official 7Seas Fishiversary venue)...

Anybody out there willing to let go of theirs? I'm going to be very generous! Promise! hahaha the sound of a very desperate man!

... I thought that being part of 7Seas last hurrah would help me forget "my loss"! hehehe have mercy people!

Many well-known custom builders were present with CPGs in tow, as Seven Shikami gave us a spin with some of his choice hits. I wasn't so sure if it was my internet connection that was messing up, but I really thought I heard Alvin the Chipmunk taking over the DJing from Seven. hahaha just kidding

It was very clear that everybody was having a super-great time as more fishers were joining us before the start of the main event. With those trademark puns from our dear friend Grey Nacht (the light of 7Seas Social chat... just mention the word.. COFFEE and he comes to life! hahaha), and those never ending gestures from our fellow fishers, how can the fun and the good times end?

With an album of Gorillaz in full view, Seven Shikami showed us his other talent as people endlessly wave their rods high in the air... in the hope to catch that elusive Ninja Duck.

Even with my rod targeting (yep told ya the new rods are high tech) the LOLCat for the bounty prize, I still wasn't able to get my pixelated hands on that duck! sighs... But nevertheless it was such a joy to see Jen Shikami and Meissa Thorne boogie-that-woogie. woot!

Somehow, I have noticed something different with Jen from the last time I saw her at Flotsam Beach. She seemed to have gained a bit in size, and only later did I found out that she is actually expecting a baby in real life! Congratulations Jen! No wonder she just sat down on that custom prize giver the whole time. Must have been leg cramps. /me winks

Well for a moment there, I thought she was just tasked by 7S to guard that box filled with Ninja Ducks, as Meissa showed us some of her groovy moves... /me whispers: and elf ears? gasp! /me sticks his tongue out

Oh by the way, where was 7Seas Sass the whole time?

Jen Shikami with her cute belly and Meissa with those pretty ears! Glad to see the 7Seas honchos join us in the celebration... and doh! that dude behind Meissa has a lot of ducks! No wonder I haven't been catching any... grrrrrr.

Arigato Gozaimasu, 7Seas-san.

... and now for our very special guest, Keiko Takamura (applause please)...

The first time I have heard her sing, I swear I thought it was Lisa Loeb! Though in fairness Keiko is a very good singer in her own right. I really enjoyed her songs, a few covers and a couple of her original compositions. It's amazing to listen and watch live performances in-world, though this was the only second time I had been to one in a year.

The 7Seas peeps know how to throw one heck of a fantastic party eh?

The very talented Keiko Takamura serenades and rocks us at the same time with her cool music. Now I think she had just made one more fan in me.

When The Dust Start To Settle...

With a lot (and I really mean a LOT!) of fishes to sort out after the Fishiversary, I'm most certain to find some new and interesting customs to add in my list of favourite creators. I was quite pleased that some customs were easy to collect: Dolma Dollinger's Fishiversary sea snakes in particular could be completed in half a day, as well as Amara Twilight's Mermaids and Sugar Rush's St. Patrick's Day LE (limited edition) customs.

Pirate Cove's relabeled customs would be a bit of a challenge to complete, since I would have to collect everything all over again hahaha. I wonder if the original ones I got from the Migizi North Treasure Hunt at PC would still be available to catch?

The customs from Alien Isles and RA Fishing had caught my attention, and both have already been added to my faves-list. I have tried to avoid Aruba and Celeste Cazenove's customs in the past, not because they aren't nice to collect (well in fact they are amazing) but because there would be a lot to catch before I could make a complete a set! hahaha With a habit of first completing 5 volumes before considering it to be a SET, it would take me ages! That's FIVE TIMES THE EFFORT compared to the average Joe out there!

But thanks to the Fishiversary, having a glimpse on how amazing Aruba and Celeste's creations are, I have got to get them all! You can say that I'm toast... waaaaaaaaaaahhhh /me cries

With the limited time I have in-world nowadays, it's a wonder how I would be able to catch up with my collection. Maybe trade-up via 7Seas SocialChat? I guess we would have to just wait and see to find that out.

The party may be over, but the sorting-out part has just begun. Sifting through the piles of catches won't be easy... but surely it will be interesting and fun.

In the mean time, I want my DUCKIES! /me cries!


Monday, 9 March 2009

Who Is Lizzy Mornington?

They say that in every success of a man is a shadow of a woman...

... Lizzy Mornington an epitome of everything that is great and good in my life, is never a shadow. She is the lighthouse that helps guide me through all of life's stormy endeavours. A reliable beacon that constantly lights up a safe passage when darkness seem to cloud up logical reasoning and good judgment. She is a ton of morning stars that shines brightly in the horizon, as if Aphrodite herself had sprinkled the heavens with golden stardust.

... yes she is that beautiful... and yes she is absolutely awesome.

Hanging out at my condo in Hale Hakuna right after the wedding. We spent hours laughing and taking the mickey out of each other. Good times that still continues to this day, never a dull moment with Liz.

It's exactly a year today when I first met her at a common-friend's nuptial ceremony. An event which brought together some of the brightest and the most sophisticated people in Second Life. Who would have thought that on that very same day I would get acquainted with someone so amazing and true, that her simple "hello" had made my world stand still? (now I know what Renée Zellweger meant by that!)

Was it fate that brought us together, or serendipity perhaps? For whatever reason, I'm just grateful that I had crossed paths with such a remarkable person.

366 days in a roller coaster.
Yep 2008 was a leap year.

You are always unsure what awaits you on a roller coaster until you go through a lift hill. Despite all the anxiety and the uncertainty that comes along with the ride... with all the twists and the dizzy turns... those hair raising loop-the-loops... you end up realising that the journey ain't too bad at all. You would simply just want to go through the same experience all over again... and again... and again, reliving every single moment once more.

House warming at Royal Tropical with Liz and best mates Lisa and Drei, the special peeps who has been part of our roller coaster ride.

That's how Liz and I are the whole time we're together, a roller coaster ride. Not in the sense of having a lot of those ups and downs that couples usually have in a relationship, but more of the adventure and fun side of things. With her around, there is no way you would ever feel down and low...

There is no love where there is no trust.

I can't remember a time when we totally disagreed with each other. I believe that trust and respect always played a huge role in keeping things pleasant for the both of us. With so much pretensions going around in Second Life, not to mention how easy it is to create alternative avatars (alts); the absolute surrender of trust to your other half is the golden ticket to a long and lasting relationship... be it virtual, in real life or both.

By the power of Greyskull! Lizzy and I do a She-Ra and He-Man skit on our second day together in SL. We had ventured across the grid both enjoying the things we love doing most and everything just got exciting from there.

Yeah, it was a truly amazing year for us. Even if I had a chance to go back in time and switch everything back to default, I would go through the same experiences all over again, relive every single moment and not change a thing... BUT ONLY with the assurance that Liz would be there by my side. I would not want things to be in any other way, everything is awesome just the way it is.

For countless times, she has done great things aplenty to which I will surely remember for the rest of my life. How much she believes in me and the way she inspires me can move mountains, and trust me when I tell you this. If it does ever sound that she has done something so good that it goes well beyond Second Life, then... you are absolutely right!

Hanging out in Barcola at one of our Pay-It-Forward moments. The peak of our SL careers as self-proclaimed in-world NGO. The good times baby, yeah the great old times!

Some may think it sounds too ludicrous to say all these things for something you only get to experience in a virtual universe. Phantasmal as it may sound, but the impact of how much effort Liz has poured into every special occasion, on every given opportunity goes right through my heart. Uncanny yet unparalleled... Surreal, but fine.

Organising my first rezday which turned out to be even more grandeur than any of my past RL birthdays is just the tip of the iceberg. How she pulled that one off is what truly makes her an amazing woman.

The little surprises she leaves for me; the love notes which I get without fail when I log-in; messages she leaves on our Nokia answering machine; the personally crafted v-cards (which inspired me to create my own version of v-cards for her); the offline messages and e-mails which bridges SL over to our RL... and so much more!

I can go on and on counting all the lovely ways she can come up with just to nourish this special relationship we have for each other. The bottom line is, she has done more than enough to tell the whole world how important this is for her... for me... and for us.

She is very brilliant in transforming her feelings into action, while I am more expressive with words. I guess that's where we compliment each other, she is after all my superwoman... my better half!

Yes, she does complete me.
A day without her is definitely a day without sunshine!

On occasions when time difference and unholy working hours robs me of the only SL spare time I have got, being alone in-world feels like a lost cause. Utterly and bitterly lost I may say, it's simply just losing the whole plot. I guess everything is comparable to a daily dose of honey and lemon tea. Once you have tried them together, having one without the other is never the same.

They say that LDRs never work, but that was before the introduction of Second Life. The oceans between us did not seem to pose a problem at all. Thank heavens for modern technology and of course constant communication.

There is absolutely no one in the universe who can make me feel as special the way Lizzy does. In spite of having 10,496.09 miles and an incredible time difference between us (+9 hrs GMT), it always seems that she's just right there sitting in front of you as we talk the night away. It only is a shame though that both our RL work have taken some much needed attention, since both of our professions are directly (or indirectly) affected by the current financial turmoil.

Nevertheless, we always find a way to work around things, isn't that right babes?

She loves me... she loves me not... she loves me!
But of course she does!

With a very special occasion just looming in the horizon, you're just left amazed on how fast time really flies. Sometimes it does feel like we have spent a whole lifetime together. Getting ever more familiar with each other, and most of the time even words aren't needed to express how we feel.

Sitting in one corner sharing sweet nothings can be enough to uplift the spirits. Just mere presence alone can spark some magic. With the assurance that in spite of being clueless on what tomorrow may bring, everything is going to be alright.

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see? One of those special moments where music simply does all the talking.

... there is no substitute...
there can be only one Lizzy Mornington.

In the whole 12 months that had passed since, I carry with me memories that will always see me smiling. The whole Second Life experience has been a truly amazing journey, thanks to you. With everything in RL so chaotic at the moment (work and family related), it is comforting to know that you are still here with me.

Your patience... your thoughtfulness... your understanding is incomparable. With our 1st year anniversary just around the corner, the thought of going beyond what others deem to be improbable is good enough reason to celebrate 366 days of pure heavenly bliss.

Lizzy, you are such a keeper, and only a fool would want to let you go. Any man, be it in RL or SL would be very lucky to have you. As much as I tell myself that Lady Luck has eluded me for such a long time, you had finally broken that jinx.

I am both hopeful and optimistic the future would indeed be brighter for us both. It's a fact of life that everything surely gets tougher when you are about to cross that line: like in a marathon; deadlines at work; final exams at uni; roasting the perfect Christmas turkey; child labour; the last glass of Long Island iced tea; the final stage of your job interview; resignation letters; moving out of home on your own; mortgage payments; contest finals; engagement proposals; well just about almost everything. But with perseverance, confidence and the motivation to carry on; all that and a heaps of T.L.C. , nothing is be impossible.

A year down... and many more years to go.

Now tell me, how hard can it be if you have a good co-pilot for a companion in every journey? Better yet if your co-pilot is your bestest-best friend!

Thanks babes! It was the greatest adventure ever! Now the next question is, are you ready for the next one? Why not start another expedition by climbing that higher mountain over there. hahaha

Back to the question, Who is Lizzy Mornington? Well she's the love of my life... and I love her to bits!