Saturday, 5 July 2008

5.5.5.: JACKPOT! Kaching!

Celebrating SL5B with LoLo~5K on the 5th of July!

The day had finally arrived! Lo Lo's 5K tournament was indeed a great way to celebrate Second Life's 5th birthday! What better way to celebrate it than offer our fellow 7Seas addicts the biggest prize to be given away (in record) so far:

L$5,000 for 1st prize, L$2,000 for 2nd and L$1,000 for 3rd in a 4~hour tournament.

Early birds: Kylie Cortes, Lizzy Mornington (Mrs N71), N71 Aeon (Mr. Lizzy) and Caroline Apollo warming up for the big event at sim Lo Lo.

As a practice in tournaments sponsored at Lo Lo, surprises awaits to those who stayed throughout the game. Free baits were given away at random intervals during the tournament.

In true tradition of all 7Seas contests, the top scorers fought it down to the wire! The trend stablised 40 minutes into the game, with a tug-of-war for 1st and 2nd places being alternated between Kylie Cortes and Frurry Fluno; just a 1~4 point difference between them.

Every one's eyes were glued onto the boards as both top players go head-to-head in garnered XP points. It was the climax in all of the 240 minutes as cast-v-cast added much to the fun and socialisation in the game. Apart from the usual cash prize, Caroline's Jewelry who sponsored the event gave away Gift Certificates as consolation prizes, part of the surprises given away at Lo Lo.

Score standings were as follows: Kylie Cortes (774), Frurry Fluno (763), Granite Collas (749), Rhyasa Tigerpaw (692), Goldenstar Sands (610)

Other fishers who joined in were: Lizzy Mornington, Samantha Marksman, StarBerryLane Escape, darkevilone Demonia, LadyBug Bashly and of course Caroline Apollo.

With all the fun and excitement we had at the LoLo~5K tournament, we were thinking of doing something even bigger before the year ends... something like LoLo~10K... so watch out for that big momma of tournaments!

Only time will tell! :o)