Friday, 24 April 2009

Daemian Ember: The King of Pure Prim Building

Fishing at Sugar Rush's Developers Dock with Grey Nacht led me to discover an extraordinary custom crafted by 7Seas veteran Daemian Ember; the SUR Aircraft Carrier. It was definitely an eye catcher as it was the biggest custom I have seen so far.

Formerly located at the WickedlySinful sim, DE originally offered his customs on global mode (caught at random regardless of rarity) making the whole set much easier to complete. But despite them being an easy catch, Daemian Ember did not fail to make them as popular as the other mainstream collectibles. The quality they posses will even pass the eye of the most fussiest of all 7S custom-collectors.

Perhaps a version 2 will see the aircraft carrier with miniature fighter jets; and the battleship with firing cannons. With Daemian's preference for detail and realism, who knows?

The SUR Aircraft Carrier (top) and the SUR Battleship (below) were part of Daemian's original set. Both customs average 1.5 metres (in the SL virtual metric system) making them the biggest and the longest customs ever built for the 7Seas Fishing Community as yet.

For those who are very particular with detail, one will know of the hard work that has been poured and spent into each of DE's customs - all of which are built with dimension, precision and proportion.

Battle of The Great Subs!
The cold war continues...

Recalling how I marveled at the sight of a non-7Seas swimming pet for the first time (during one of Jackpot Fall's fishing tournaments), DE gave us a glimpse to one of his upcoming submarines way before 7Seas opened the floodgates to custom building. I guess that says a lot on how passionate Daemian is about his custom builds; then again I'm sure all custom-builders are!

A sight which both the Whitehouse and the Kremlin would dread. Perhaps the first and only modern day submarine customs available to the 7Seas fishing community.

The American Ohio Class Submarine (above) seems to square it off underwater with the Soviet Red October Submarine (below) in this mock-up battle of DE's UltraRare custom collection. Still living up to the battleship and aircraft carrier's reputation for being all-prim-builds, the submarines give new meaning to the phrase "a deadly catch".

Adding More To The Man-O-War Portfolio
The US Navy's Landing Craft Air-Cushion (LCAC)

After having been in sabbatical for several months, Daemian Ember returns to us in true-form with the release of his long anticipated LCAC. Having seen how he built it from scratch (which was how I was inspired to do my customs mostly on prims rather than sculpties), it's amazing to see its final outcome - from just being a jumble of raw prims a couple of weeks back to something close to the real thing.

Daemian Ember does his finishing touches to the new LCAC custom in 1:5 scale. Top inset: A perspective of the LCAC; Lower inset: An actual photo of the military hovercraft.

The LCAC dons the spinning propeller trademark with a twist: water sprays from the amphibious craft's 4-bladed R345 propellers. The Rare U.S. Navy LCAC custom is indeed a perfect addition to Daemian Ember's amazing collection.

The Sloop-Of-War
DE goes vintage battleships!

Custom styles which were originally Migizi North's forté had caught up with Daemian Ember's creativity. The SuperUltraRare Sloop of War is the latest in DE's custom offering. With the ability to fire multiple cannons (thanks to a collaboration with Migizi North himself), you can't help but get reminded of those ghostly pirate ships that started people collecting these amazing wearable ship "pets".

Quels sont vos ordres mon capitaine? The Battle of the Atlantic can now be re-enacted with Migizi's own battleships. Let the fireworks begin!

With Daemian getting a hold of the "exploding cannon" script, perhaps a v2.0 of previous builds will see them upgraded with working cannons? The Sloop-of-War may be a glimpse on how future releases in the DE collection would be like. Even the shoulder cannon had been upgraded to a v2.0, replacing the older static version.

A New Custom In The Works?

Rumour of a fishing trawler is close to being released with just two "parts" needed for its completion. I guess the whole idea for this vessel is to "hoard" all the fishies we can get in the waters eh? (hehehe)

It never is hard to complete DE sets as catch rates are affixed to be higher than the standard percentage. The regulated number of customs would leave you enough time to try and complete other customs.

DE collaborations with RA Fishing are now available to catch at the Fairy Cove, along with Daemian's personal custom builds. Perhaps those who know him well would agree that he is more than just a builder... he's one heck of an innovator.