Saturday, 28 February 2009

My SL Foundations... My Rock...

It's been over a year now since being reborn in Second Life (SL), yesterday just seemed like a breeze. Although my addiction to Second Life has somehow stabilised to fascination (hee hee hee), I still can't help but log-in on every available occasion. Maybe not as often as I have been in the past year (thanks to intervening RL matters) but nevertheless still as thrilled as the time I first discovered SL.

Circumstantial factors have yanked me back into the chaotic world we all call "real life" (some actually call it reak life hahaha), like a wormhole spawned from an imploding supernova. It was never easy at first as I turn cold-turkey from the relapses of having to miss out on something (and someone) I really love sighs... Like an addict needing an immediate fix.

Those who may not understand SL would ask:
Why all the fuss?

Nothing to it really... you can say it is similar to other web-based social-networking websites that a lot of people also get hooked into: We have Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, Bebo, Yahoo Social (e-Groups, Answers, Messenger), MSN, Twitter as well as various on-line gaming sites that attract a lot of hard-core gamers who are into role-play. The list can go on, with new ones coming out every now and then.

Does that mean SL is a Doppelgänger of sorts? Well not quite if you ask me, but in fact a combination of them all. Second Life is an all-in-one: social networking, role play gaming, shopping, building/crafting/designing, clubbing, fund-raising, exhibits etc. It simply mirrors the activities people actually do in real life.

A New Generation in Online Interaction

We have come a long way since Yahoo popularised the notorious chat rooms. I'm sure every one of us had fallen victim to the Yahoo chat addiction, one way or the other. Now here comes the new kid on the block, Second Life. It goes beyond the norm, as one can see an actual virtual representation of the person they are talking to on-line. Emoticons and smileys are now things left to the web's Jurrasic era.

Interaction is now expressed in movements and gestures leaving little to imagination, rather than the old and traditional static text. Finally, individuals can now mimic real-life activities on-line... the stuff that would have been considered as science fiction a few years back.

Celebrating The Friendship

What probably keeps residents to religiously "bundy-in" to their virtual lives are the people behind the AVs (avatars), as one surely would never have survived in SL without them... a well known fact for I would have been one of them.

Looking back evokes a wonderful feel-good sensation in my chest. I would never have lasted this long without these wonderful folks. It may just seem like a virtual game to some, but the thought of acceptance and the trust developing between two people is as important as how things would actually be in real life. The driving force that binds individuals together as the "you and me" evolves into a "we".

My Foundations...
A Tribute To Friendship Through The Wires.

Recalling the very first people I have met takes me back to the days of yore. Being naive and utterly lost at the start of my virtual journey had left me as a drifter. That may be quite embarrassing for someone my age hahaha. But thanks to these people who had helped me put all the pieces together, a "no-one for a nobody" has become a "somebody for someone" in Second Life.

So here I raise a flute of my virtual champas as I give tribute to the foundations that have helped mould N71 Aeon to the avatar he is today. Helping me stand strong on my pixel toes, as I reach for the stars. They are truly Corinthian Doric columns that hold together the Parthenon! /me smiles

Now meet the people behind the Aeon!

Keeley Huet
(February 10, 2008)

Virtually lost and without a clue on what to do next, my noobish behaviour of yelling out for help had me cross paths with Keely Huet. Being obviously desperate to erase that Haraguy image in me (hahaha), Keely kindly responded when others have blatantly ignored me (probably for being a rude shouting noob? lol). I have gone a long way as a noob since she showed me the importance of the "search button", giving truth to her words that "Search is your friend." She recommended The Block and that was where I took off in my relentless quest to redo N71 completely.

Apart from being the first virtual mate I have in Second Life, she's also a very artistic, nature-loving Brit and I'm very honoured to have her as a friend. The occasional IM and "howareyous" are always a joy. Even to this day, recalling to having met her for the first time at Bonifacio is as vivid as the event just happening a day before.

Obviously a fashionista and one that would heavily invest in an exquisite wardrobe collection, she's the right person to ask advice for that perfect makeover.

Coleen Cuttita
(February 10, 2008)

Another Brit I've met on my second day in SL, she's one I would consider to be adventurous. How often would you be given a flying carpet tour around a whole sim. Rarely do I allow a woman to take over the wheel in RL (hahahaha just kidding), but it's wonderful to be driven around for a change. First meeting her in Abranimations main shop in search of my first groovy (and daft) dance animations, we immediately cliqued.

The adventure didn't stop there though as she brought me into the world of Pirates, as well as awakening that dormant James Dean persona hiding inside me (okay, okay! Too deep for you? I meant rebel)! Just remembering how we used to argue a lot about colour preference is hilarious, and I am sure she too would laugh at the thought of it as well. People who really know me would say I am more into dark earthly colours, while she prefers things to be lighter and brighter; a stark contrast obviously. hahaha But those little spats don't usually last long as real friends won't have misunderstandings carrying over to the next day.

Also very artistic and has an exceptional business sense, she's one friend that you wouldn't dare forget! I call her the Dame of Bare Rose as she had introduced me to one of the most interesting and practical shopping places in Second Life. Japanese Anime and Manga anyone? woot!

Laci Snowdrop
(February 18, 2008)

The one responsible for giving me such a fabulous home. For some strange reason, she actually had doubted my gender thinking I was a woman in real life! hahahaha! Letting her hear my voice was the only way I could convince her I was 100% alpha Cro-Magnon (or could it ever be just a clever ploy? hehehe) She's very lovely even in real life, and is trustworthy as a friend!

When this lady falls in love with someone, it's something that goes well beyond reason. She strongly believes that true love does exists in SL, and nothing can be more truer than that (smiles). Aside from being a property manager for Royal Tropical, she's also a model who's face has graced some of Second Life's popular fashion magazines.

I have been great friends with her eversince. She's someone who surely wont mind me crashing into her house, raid the fridge and help myself for last night's leftover meals hahaha! She's such a darling, and she knows that I would be there for her if ever she does need a shoulder to cry on. But please Laci, bring your own tissues okay! Just kidding hun!

Caroline Apollo
(February 27, 2008)

Finally meeting the woman behind the creation of Caroline's Jewelry was a very exciting moment. Getting to see her for the first time was also inspiring as I have nothing but praise and admiration for all builders in SL. The brainstorming sessions for some of her upcoming projects is something I always look forward to. She has this knack on getting to stimulate a creative cloud when she is at work, and somehow the spillover influences the people around her.

Her creations are unique as a fingerprint, with a signature design that makes her collection stand out! Innovation and constant reinvention may be the key to her success, being a perfectionist is also another. Her love for experimentation demonstrates her brilliance in the art of building and crafting.

Her taste in virtual photography is outstanding as you will see in her photoblog. She is a great fan of contemporary virtual art as she has introduced me to quite a few galleries and sims host to such events.

But not all is serious for Caroline all the time. Like most of us, she has got some crazy moments! hahaha No one has ever wrestled me down to the ground after a rib crunching suplex followed up by a pile drive!

Wholly responsible for our 7Seas Fishing addiction, she never fails to share to her friends the joys of having a Second Life. As being one of the original and pioneering residents, it is no doubt that she knows how to constantly keep things exciting. Being host to various parties, gatherings and the swankiest of all events at her sim is just but icing on the cake, as Lo Lo has always been a favourite venue for events.

A very thoughtful friend as she is always there to assist us without fail. With some common friends in tow, I am certain that the fun and excitement in all our SL adventures will continue for as long as Second Life will have her around.

Sammie Benoir
(February 28, 2008)

Yeah I know, the hair so quit staring! hahaha Actually Sammie won't be seen with the same hair and outfit the following day, and at times with no outfit at all (hahaha, she blames it to an SL glitch, woot!) The ultimate dressing up doll with 1001 gimicks tucked under her sleeve, but if she is wearing something sleeveless then they must be hidden somewhere else. hahaha If not for floating name tags, I can guarantee you will never know it is her!

I first met Sam on her RL birthday in Miramare hanging out with the brickies. She loves to listen to voice chat and could actually replace Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres as talkshow host for being abreast with all the latest SL gossip hahahaha. Getting her bored would mean big trouble... and I mean B-I-G! hehehe, so be kind and do keep her entertained at all times!

You can say she is Lizzy's little sister and having them together is like mixing amonium nitate and water: they explode and can create irreversible damage in Second Life! hoooots! Loved by many and very fun to be with, real life had suddenly taken her away from us. sighs Sammie-baby you are sorely missed!

LisaHot Juran
(February 29, 2008)

A ghosting LHJ: when someone logs off but leave their avatars visible even when offline; Lisa left her AV ghosting in-world in Miramare, a spectacular and rare occurance.

I knew Lisa would have a great influence in me the moment I first saw her in Miramare. Rezzed with a golden heart, she has helped countless of new residents (and that includes me) to settle down quickly in Second Life. She is one true believer of Pay-It-Forward, having been a recipient of a good deed when she too was a noob. One of the founding members of the SexyHot Bitches (SHB), she has helped establish one of SL's most popular groups.

Giving me my first ever HUD tool, the Mysti Tool for protection only shows how much she cares for her friends. Her mentorship goes beyond prim building, as I have learned a lot of other skills from her.

She is a strong advocate in bringing back the glory days of the old Nova Albion, one of the first virtual continents in Second Life. One who believes in order and a woman who is always on the go, you will never have idle moments around this lass from the U.S. northwest!

She helped relaunch hydrofoil racing in SL and was able to form an impressive roster of pilots. Winning Oceanica's 2008 season, as well as being a major player to a host of other crossover tournaments clearly shows how this woman is synomymous to the catchphrase: The need for speed!

Dreiheit Dragonash
(March 6 , 2008)

Her name which means trinity in German (though very American IRL), may see her as cool and as elusive as the character of the same name in the movie The Matrix! hehehe Obviously a well traveled individual with the capability to mesmerizing everyone with her intellect, conversations with her may take you to the farthest corners of the globe. Her stories of global escapades reminds you that there is more to life than just work.

We talk of the same lingo when it comes to deadlines, and the problems we both have for over-expectations at work is simply uncanny. Seemingly full of zest for life, her bubbliness is so contagious that she makes you forget all your worries - well until the time she logs off and you start having them all over again hahahaha

She is the super-quick-drying-glue that binds the friendship together, and carries with her a breeze of fresh air wherever she goes. Though not in-world as often as she wants to (or as we want her to be), every opportunity we have with her is a moment worth remembering. Meeting her for the first time was a "sure-eye-opener" /me chuckles and is something I can never ever forget hahaha She and a "friend" (look above /me winks) had given this noob (meaning me hehehe) a taste of what Second Life can really be like, a mastercard moment... priceless! but it's not what you think you perves! hahaha

Just The Start of Something Big(ger)...

The list can go on forever though I would have to cut it short to a time when the noobish N71 was christened to finally be a bona fide resident in Second Life. I have met a lot of fantastic people along the way and some have still remained great friends with me.

I may have reached a milestone upon getting acquainted with one of the most amazing and inspiring people to meet in SL. On March 9, Lizzy Mornington also one of the founding members of the SHB came to be a big part of my life. It would be safe to say that in both SL and RL, she served as my anchor, my beacon and my companion in all my journeys across the Second Life grid. For once I no longer have to be "emotionally" alone anymore. She is an el capitana who constantly steers the ship to dirección correcta when things would seem to go astray.

Who would have thought that a quiet Aussie lass seated next to me during a common-friend's wedding would actually be the start of something big? Left to right: Lizzy Mornington, N71 Aeon, Sammie Benoir and Karmmann Ghia endured a lagfest as nuptial back-benchers.

Of course the rest goes down in history as most of us know by now. Someone in this group photo may have caught the bride's bouquet and got hitched herself... Vegas style baby! (laughter) Being naive made me miss obvious signs that those simple glances meant something after all! /me winks

But for whatever reason, I know all would be revealed on a special feature blog. Shouldn't spill everything in here, should I? hehehe Just saving the best for last, I guess?

The Show Must Go On...

Perhaps 2009 is the beginning of Book Two in our SL adventures. The start of the new year may not quite have been what most of us had in mind. But hey, whoever said that with all the bleakness and gloom surrounding the economic-world nowadays, the fun and the partying should end? As far as I am concerned, we only have just begun. With such great and wonderful mates with us in all our virtual journeys, how can we go wrong?

Looking back again a year before, with the thought of not having to meet any of the friends I have today is unsettling. I think I would not have stayed this long if not for all the fantastic moments I have spent with them. There are times when silence does set in between two friends, which should not be the cause for any wrinkles. As I believe (and surely a lot of us here too as well) that the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.

Conquering Migizi's Salvage Customs

My long wait is over! I finally caught up with the "not-fer-yer-average-mama's-boy" salvage set from Migizi's Custom Catch collection. Probably one of the few who first came out with alternate salvage catches outside the official (7S) label, Migizi North gave us one of the most sought after custom fishing rods:

The Nautilus and Squid Rod.

Despite of having to catch only three salvages, the blue print being designated as an SUR was as elusive as trying to catch a glimpse of a Coelacanth in the open seas. The fishing rod variant is a spin-off combining Migizi's separate Nautilus and Squid customs, both available to catch from any of his popular CPGs (Custom Prize Givers) around the 7S fishing community. Similar variants of the Nautilus and Squid from other builders and creators have soon followed.

The completion of my salvage set took me quite a long and patient wait, before I finally got the chance to claim the much coveted fishing rod. Having to complete 5 sets before redeeming any bounty is never an easy task.

On why I have to complete 5 (five) sets of the same fishes, customs and salvages would be discussed at another time (winks).

Migizi North has added two more unique fishing rods to his collection: the Ice Fishing Bone Jig Rod and the Migizi's Skull & Bones 5 Rod Holder, both of which can be freely caught on MN/CPG (Migizi North-Custom Prize Giver) enabled waters. If you're not the patient type, you can purchase them directly from any of his on-site vendors. For those who are interested in hosting an MN/CPG, just contact Migizi for more details.

Inset photo: the assembled Nautilus and Squid fishing rod. Clockwise from left to right: SuperUltraRare Blueprint: Nautilus Fishing Rod, UltraRare Salvage: Squid, UltraRare Salvage: Spool of Ectoplasmic String, UltraRare Salvage: Nautilus.

Migizi's Haunted Galleon Avatar

The first non-human avatar shape offered as a fishable prize. It would also be known as the benchmark that started the AVi-giveaway trend. With 6 (six) salvages required to catch and complete, this quest would be more of a "jump in the lake" than a "walk in the park" (laughs out loud).

Most salvage parts are not that hard to come by particularly the Red Medallion which is the easiest to catch, while the Blueprint (the first animated BP ever to be crafted) and the Captured Male Spirit both being SuperUltraRare (SUR) are the very hardest! Did I already mentioned "very"? hehehehe

Unlike the Nautilus and Squid fishing rod, the avatar is no transfer making trading for the assembled custom impossible. The unused or unactivated salvages however can still be given away freely. As an added feature, the Haunted Galleon avatar is combat ready and can fire its cannons on active role play.

Inset: Spanish Galleon aka Haunted Galleon AVi Clockwise from left to right: Salvage: Red Medallion, Salvage: Blue Medallion, Blueprint: Haunted Galleon AVi, Salvage: Captain Ahab Fish 2, Salvage: Captured Female Spirit, Salvage: Captured Male Spirit.

Want a piece of the action? Then come visit Migizi North's Haunted Pirate Island at Beek Zuiden Zee. A friendly word of advice as the fishing area is located in a role-play pirate battle sim, pirate gear or mermaid/mermen outfits are a must. There are free garments available at the vendor area BUT please do mind yourself for any "surprises". hahaha pirates you're dealing with, don't forget that!

Combine and Activate

Putting together salvage catches for an assembled custom is not complicated at all. On a free-rezz area, just drag the salvages to the ground... click the items one at a time... and wait for the blueprint to respond and deliver your assembled item.

Waiting for a "confirmation" from the blueprint "whispering" that the item was loaded successfully is important, so do take your time.

On a rez-restricted area, you can hold the salvages on your hand or attach them to any available part of your body (meaning parts not having any attachments) and click them one at a time for the blueprint to load them up.

Take note that there are a lot of other salvage sets out there just waiting to get discovered. It's just a matter of who's builds or what custom set to catch first.

Apart from these Migizi variants, creations from Amara Twilight, Sugar Rush and Pala are quite interesting to catch and fun to collect as well.

More talk about that very soon... keep looking up for this blog.
Adios mi amigo!

Understanding 7Seas Custom Catches

The "unauthorised" sale of Custom Catches (CCs) has been the source of so much controversy within the 7Seas Community. For the benefit of the doubt, others (especially the new fishers) may have been clueless about courtesy/protocol on how virtual novelties are to be distributed and circulated in Second Life. There were some instances where Custom Catches were deliberately being sold without prior consent from its creators, upsetting the latter. To make matters worse, others have even listed them up for sale in trading sites such as and even in popular auction sites like eBay.

Guard It As If Your Life Depended On It

Creators would spend a lot of man-hours in the conceptualisation and "building" of Custom Catches. Just trying to come up with a brilliant idea can be brain draining, especially if the inspiration and the motivation isn't there. We must try to understand how the creative-process behind a Custom Catch works. I'm definitely sure they don't appear with just a click of the mouse, albeit not even overnight. A lot of hard work, tired-sleepy eyes and headaches would be part of an investment that builders would have to focus onto a single custom.

The Pirate who started it all. Migizi North was perhaps the first builder to create custom catches outside the 7S label. His "exploding" ships pushed the boundaries on how custom variants are to be made. Migizi's Haunted Pirate Island can be found in Beek Zuiden Zee. Inset photo is one of his sought after SURs, the Flying Dutchman.

What Do CC Builders Get Out Of It?
... they must be getting a lot?!...

You would be surprised... (if I am not mistaken) about 4L$ for every standard bait bucket. That is IF you do ever purchase your bait or gear at their vendors. So basically, they do get a small commission not for being Custom Catch builders but for simply having a 7Seas gear-vendor set-up at their fishing spot.

Why do they build customs then?
It's probably just being creative as an artists, not to mention the joy of creating stuff (... and I'm not only talking about Jen Shikami or Meissa Thorn here /me winks) . Perhaps seeing fishers and collectors very pleased with their work is what drives them to carry-on building for more. For whatever reason, there is surely an act of selflessness and thoughtfulness in every creation they make in their CPGS (Custom Prize Giver Servers).

The only way for a return of investment.
Some creators have put up their own personal vendors for those who wish to purchase their creations without having to fish customs out of a server (those that are not patient enough to wait for a specific CC catch). It's probably one of the few ways they can generate some income (about 75-300L$ per item) for their hard work to which, in my opinion isn't that much: About a fraction of what we actually spend on virtual clothes and accessories or the equivalent of a bulk-bait in some cases.

Builders don't earn that much for offering collectors and enthusiast FREE customs, but we can support them by purchasing bait from their 7S vendors and by showing a little bit of "linden love" in their tip jars. Every little helps and goes a long way!

Custom Builders may get a big break through special requests for a unique customised item. Creators would be glad to offer their services for a minimal fee, and mostly are guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind item. They are really amazing as Lizzy-babes got me a few for my rezday as a present. Sweeeeeeet!

Why Am I Not Allowed To Re-Sell...
... paid for the bait and fished it myself, isn't the catch considered mine?...

While it is true that anything we catch is ours, there may be some limit to what we can actually do with them, apart from wearing as ornamental pets. Majority of the catches being offered are no-copy/no-modify/free-transfer giving us the option to offer them as gifts or for the really hard-to-get ones (SuperUltraRare in particular), trade them with fellow 7Seas collectors for an equivalent item in rarity...

Trading and giving them away is just about what we can do with the items we catch. Selling them however has its conditions and limitations. While some creators do specify that the unauthorised sale of their creations are prohibited, other builders do offer their personalised vendors with a percentage of the profit going out as a commission to a patron.

A few established creator-owned vendors are quite popular in the 7Seas Community; creations by Migizi North (pirate ships and unique CCs) and Amara Twilight (animated mermaid variations) can be found in other fishing areas apart from their own. While Custom Catches from Nya Raymaker (Grumbles the cat and "Neptune's Orchestra"), R&L Wharf (Snoopy variants), Sugar Rush (crabcakes, fed jellyfish, teacups etc) and Celeste Cazenove among the many others, offer their creations from vendors located on-site.

Custom Catch vendors by Migizi North (located at Rails Bailey's Van Deimen's Land), Mialissa Masala and Skinny Paigne (Sugar Rush), and Amara Twilight (Twilight Creations) are just one of the many you will find around the 7Seas circuit. Most custom creators would gladly be willing to set up their vendors to other fishing areas. Those interested, just IM the CC builder for more details!

Basically, the bait we use is officially for catching 7Seas fishes and stuff. Custom Catches are being offered FOR FREE as a plus/incentive to fishers patronising their fishing area. One may say they are gifts for habitués, others would see them as an attraction to keep the venue interesting enough for frequenters.

There may be a way to get a return-of-investment for all the baits you consume while fishing. You may simply exchange your CCs for bait to those who are willing to trade. I'm sure that is acceptable, going around the idea of customs being openly tradeable.

Why can't I sell what I catch?

Out of respect and courtesy, most especially if you are in direct competition with the CCs creator. It is worse when the sellers intentionally offer customs below the suggested retail price (SRP). "Give to Caesar what is for Caesar", as the saying goes. After all the builders and creators are the reason (apart from the latest official releases from 7Seas) why fishing has been exciting lately for enthusiasts and collectors like us.

Reselling without proper consent...
... helps kill the desire for the creators to produce more customs!

It may even start a trend for catches to be made as no transfer rendering them untradeable, eventually taking off the fun in the fishing. Trading in my opinion is one major factor why we have gained so many friends from fishing: think the desire to Interact.

Official 7Seas catches are admittedly exciting enough for us already... But try to imagine a virtual fishing world without these Custom Catch variants? I shudder at the thought of it, it's like having my cuppa without any sugar... horrible... bleaughhhhh ack!

With more talented 7Seas fishers joining the existing roster of CC builders, a lot of fishing areas are now home to multiple CPGS (Custom Prize Giver Servers) from popular mainstream creators.

For fishing venue owners who don't have time to make their own customs, CPGS can now be rented on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The popular ones have proven to be very effective in attracting sim-traffic as well as luring die-hard fish mongers into sims. Pictured above from BlaksleeWorld Beach are rentable custom servers from Migizi North, Alice Xue and Amara Twilight (please IM them for particlulars), and I am sure there are others more!

I'm not violating any IPR rules, just re-selling.
True, not re-creating or copying the work is not a violation of any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy.

Comparable to buying a music CD or a DVD movie: To which we may be able to convert music into digital format (mp3, aac etc) or movies into mp4 or mpeg (plus any other similar formats) provided we only use them for our personal portable devices (PSP, iPod, mobile phones, digital players etc).

We may have the option to "convert" media but NOT NECESSARILY the rights to distribute or re-sell for profit. Unless of course we have acquired the permission or consent from its copyright owners. The unlawful sale and distribution violates anti-piracy laws, and you surely wouldn't want record labels and distributing companies breathing behind your neck, would you?

The same can be said for all virtual items in Second Life, and in this case the various Custom Catches offered FREELY to be caught in 7Seas Fishing enabled areas. Catching these customs gives us ownership for the virtual item BUT does not give ownership for the copyright of the item. We may be allowed to trade the items or give them away for as long as we do not profit through selling without the consent of the copyright owner.

No, you don't have to register your copyright to have a copyright.

Be smart and be aware! Why spend for customs sourced outside of Second Life when you can get them for free? A lot of fisher-folks in-world give-away their duplicate catches to those who wish to "adopt" them? Have you ever heard of a FREE fish-giver? (pictured: auction listing and bidding accounts are non-existent, photo for illustration purposes only)

How different is it from reselling a book I recently bought?
A very good topic which was discussed in 7Seas Social Chat. While the thought of that is very true, in comparison there may be a difference. Publishers have been paid for the books being sold in book shops. What we do with the book after purchase: give it away, resell it, burn it or make paper airplanes with it, wouldn't affect the profit of the publisher.

However, the unauthorise sale of someone else's creation in Second Life would always mean profit loss for any creator/builder/owner, which may have negative RL implications as mentioned in the article below.

PLEASE READ THIS: very interesting and relevant:

A Smörgåsbord of sorts. FREE doesn't necessarily mean we are allowed to do as we wish with the customs we catch. Take for example a free promotional CD single, free as it is but the redistribution and the sale, in analogue or digital form, whether for profit or not is stricly prohibited. I guess this is why they print "NOT FOR RESALE" on its sleeve, don't you agree? winks

Disclaimer: Before anybody here violently reacts and report me to the SL Police for "piracy", and to the creators of the above mentioned customs for "theft", these vendor boxes are for illustration purposes only and are not actual vendors.

Seriously though, if you do want a copy for storing your precious customs, just IM me. As long as you don't USE the bloody boxes as click-able vendors. lololol

To make it simple:
Buying a CC from one of the official vendors at retail price and resell it, assuming it's quid pro quo, meaning sell only the same quantities you have bought may be acceptable. Trading up your FREE catches or simply giving them away as gifts is commonly acceptable. Putting up a FREE Custom Catch/fish giver in your fishing area, property or shop is very much accepted.

Selling the Custom Catches of others in your vendors and/or shops "without proper or prior consent from the creator/builder" is unacceptable.

Custom Catches as well as 7Seas fishes and stuff can be freely given away via FREE FISH dispensers. You can also help sponsor your favourite fishing area's tournament by giving donations where kiosks are available. (iPala featured in the picture)

7Seas Fishing As A Community

Although the 7Seas creators guild wouldn't be as harsh and severe when talking about being protective of their work, respecting their creations and giving professional courtesy (with much consideration to the efforts they have poured into their customs) would avoid us all the unsolicited drama. With so much RL drama going on in our lives, why bring some more to Second Life? lololol

Just thinking of the keywords mentioned here:
Respect, professional courtesy, generosity, understanding, consideration, support, friendship... we could go on forever citing all the good virtues we can get out of the 7Seas Community, but the bottom line is 7Seas Fishing has become one big happy family to most of us if not all. Since its inception to Second Life almost a year ago, I am not surprised that it has evolved to be one of the most popular in-world games to date and why more and more people get hooked into it. It simply is FUN and I haven't started talking about the social chat yet, have I? hahaha To readers who havent tried 7Seas Fishing yet, oh boy you are missing a lot mate!

Custom Catches may not necessarily be the only reason to what makes a fishing venue attractive. Let us not forget the picturesque views of some of SL's well built-up areas. Amara Twilight's fishing spot, courtesy of Tasmin Ireton is located at the arcadian Skybeam Tradewaters.

It's but normal for a family to have the occasional quarrels, squabbles and drama. A little hair pulling here and there and face scratching is normal (growling and snarling included...) I guess hahaha. But one thing is certain, 7Seas Fishing is one heck of a family that doesn't believe in contraception as we will grow bigger, better and brighter (and as I have observed in social chat, even more hornier hahaha JK) in the months to come! whoopie!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Remembering The Brave

February 22, 2009
is Australia's National Day of Mourning. Remembering the victims of the fire storms that ravaged towns and villages in the state of Victoria. This day also commemorates the brave men and women who have fought a seemingly endless battle to control the blaze.

Particularly those recognised are the firefighters who have risked their own lives to save the many. Modern day heroes who have selflessly performed their duties in safeguarding the lives and property of communities they have sworn to protect. In the true spirit of Australia, locals became good Samaritans - united and unselfishly offered help to anyone in need.

Pictures speak louder than words. A series of snapshots showing the devastating effects of the bush fires as well as the ongoing battle in trying to control the disaster. I'm sure even the hardest of hearts would be moved after viewing the slideshow. In this link, BBC reports about the tragedy on text, audio and video.

At least 210 have perished and sadly that number may be expected to rise further as forensics have yet to officially announce their findings. It has been the worse wildfire catastrophe for 26 years since the Ash-Wednesday fires in 1983 when 75 people have died and more than 3,000 homes destroyed in the southern states of Victoria and South Australia.

Our Help Is Still Needed
The fires may now seem to be under control but the good people of Victoria still needs our help. Scores have lost everything they own and some are even left with nothing more than the clothes they wear.

As Australian PM Kevin Ruud said in his speech to the National Day of Mourning ceremony: "We have lost mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, the tiniest of children, family, friends and neighbours. No words can provide solace for grief so personal. But simply know this: you who suffer are not alone."

Indeed let us show our brothers and sisters in Australia that they are never alone, and that we too are also here for them in their greatest time of need. Aussies have always been too quick to respond and offer help to any international crisis situation. I personally feel that now is the time for us to show them our appreciation and how much we care.

We have donation kiosks around Second Life and an official appeal from Linden Labs had recently been announced. If you are not comfortable donating in-world, you can always visit the official Australian Red Cross or the British Red Cross websites and avoid all the drama that has been discussed in the SL forums. Also please be aware of scammers who wish nothing more but to prey on our generous donations, so please donate wisely... and generously.

Big thanks to all who wishes to help. If you feel you cannot donate cash or anything in kind, offer a prayer regardless of what faith or religion you believe in. Let's pray that our Victorian friends quickly get back on track, and an end to all their grief and suffering.


Relatives concerned about family members in the affected areas can contact the Australian Red Cross 24-hour helpline on (0061) 393283716 or, from the UK, the British Red Cross international tracing and message service on 0845 053 2004.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It's My Rezday: Looking Back

If some people see Friday the 13th as a creepy, freaky and unlucky day of the month, then make mine different! It may have been an unusual day to celebrate a Rezday (Second Life's equivalent of a birthday - derived from the word "rez" which means to bring out or to bring forth virtual objects in Second Life) but nothing had stop these wonderful folks from making one heck of an awesome party! I have to admit though, having been unprepared and totally clueless of the whole event freaked me out... like totally dude! (try saying that ala Crush... chuckles).

Who would have thought a rezday would feel as fantastic as an RL birthday. It must be the people behind the celebration that makes it so wonderful... (choco cake, cake hat and printed balloons from Sugar Rush... glossy balloons from my Lizzy-babes... yay!)

I have to thank Lizzy as well as point all my fingers (and toes) to her for being responsible for everything. When she plans a party expect nothing less than awesome, inspiring and amazing. I have seen her in action when she organised Lisa and Drei's rezday late last year, in what I consider a remarkable one-woman show! When Lizzy multi-task, she's a Macintosh at work (laughter).

First time she pulled it off, Lizzy organising Lisa and Drei's first rezday as Caroline brought back her plot in Miramare to its former glory.

Here's an important tip:

When a loved-one have taken themselves off the map (or you can't seem to locate them anywhere even when they are online), expect trouble (hahaha). But somehow that day I have given everything the benefit of the doubt, ignoring obvious signs that something was amiss. Call me a "simple person" but the "abdominal dilemma" I was having at that time (psssst, it's too embarrassing to mention hahaha, just ask Lizzy-babes) distracted me, thanks to a post-workout drink I had a few hours earlier (you wouldn't want to be near me, I tell you hahaha). Thankfully enough, I was able to return after about 45 minutes of my "brb" IM (more of a be-back-later than a be-right-back if you think about it).

Was it payback time when I did a similar thing for Lizzy's rezday? I should probably think so! Lizzy and I "boogie-woogie" at Lo Lo with her long list of friends on her rezday, where else would we be?

The Teleport

The moment she IM'd "Are you ready?" scared the living daylights out of me. My tummy ache sort of moved up to my chest and it nearly gave me a heart attack (lol). I knew I was going to be buttered toast (/me bites his fingers)... and I am sure Lizzy knew I was going to kill her "arftah" hahaha!

It wasn't much of a surprise that I was teleported to Lo Lo, Caroline Apollo's sim has always been the perfect venue to celebrate parties, lag free and the ambiance very idyllic.

Exactly a year ago as a noob making Lo Lo my home. Freebie-dude in his most daft moment! Oh come on! I am sure we all went through this phase in our SL lives hahaha...

I was star struck the moment I teleported to Lo Lo surrounded by very familiar faces! I just couldn't believe my eyes seeing the 7Seas Creators Guild (just coined that one up, as tribute to the very talented Custom Catch creators to ever grace 7Seas Fishing) bigwigs there as well as most of the SexyHot Bitches roster. On top of that, what are the odds of having 5 Custom Catch (CC) servers at the same time while listening to Radio Radio's Vertigo Paris choice hits?

Shock and Awe

I have to shamefully admit, I was short of saying anything at all during the party... literally speechless. Not that I wasn't enjoying myself or nor was I not enthusiastic enough to be that chatty person people know of, it's just the effect of being genuinely surprised! Though the sad thing for being numbed by that jack-in-the-box was forgetting to cast my 7Seas Fishing rod. I wasted a hell-lot of opportunities to complete my custom catches from my favourite CC creators! grumbles... bah... humbug... @$%&*#!

Surprise! Good thing I didn't teleport naked, hahaha. And guess who came at my party? (apart from our bestmate Ellynor Lisle, she's always present!) You wouldn't believe your eyes, and that's just for starters!

Do surprise me like that again in RL and I promise you I would freak out just the same hahaha! Don't get me wrong I do love surprises, but if they ever go off my charts, I freeze... literally, and it takes a while to thaw the shock away off from me (as some of you may already know by now lolol). But just to let our good mates know that this dude was so delighted to see everyone there! "Ecstatic" would be an understatement.

Hey Mum look what I got! Don't know what to give away as gifts on special occasions? Try custom made CCs. Most builders would offer their services for a reasonable amount of lindens. Featured are CCs from (clockwise) Grey Nacht, Migizi North, Amara Twilight and Alice Xue... awesome aren't they? Lucky me!

It was just what I needed after a stressful pre-weekend day at work (well I believe we all have been having these sort of days since the start of 2009), more like coming out feeling fresh after spending a bit of time at my local gym's aroma therapy and steam room... man, what a feeling that was!

The glamorous Caroline Apollo, owner of Lo Lo and Caroline Jewelry made it possible for all our Rezdays (Lisa, Drei, Lizzy's and mine) to be held at her place. A truly fantastic mate! hugssss...

My BIG Thanks To You All

... to all the 7S Creator's Guild (no mention of names to refrain from putting any pressure on these wonderful friends to attend everyone's rezday... just to be fair, you know who you peeps are... /me smiles), the SBH peeps and everyone (with special mention to Ellynor Lisle for being in all 3 in spite of having to stay up waaaaaay past her bedtime lol) who came to "our" rezday parties (you got it right, that's in plural form folks) and of course most especially to my Lizzy-babes for all the effort she has poured into this event, and for giving me something amazing that will surely last me for time immemorial. Luvs =^o.o^= mew

Isn't she lovely? She never cease to amaze me, and she never forgets an occasion be it my RL or SL birthdays. What a pleasant surprise this one was, just what I needed after a long absence in SL. 9th of February, my actual rezday.

I just can't help but wonder if I truly am worthy to deserve something as grand as this? Rest assured, my heart never forgets!

Je t'aime tellement Lizzy... pour toujours