Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lo Lo Goes Fishing Loco...

It was a spur of the moment when Caroline and I thought of relaunching Lake Lo Lo as an ideal 7Seas fishing destination. Just the perfect time to officially release our LnN custom sets to the public, which were first given away during Alice Xue's rezday at Dragon Beach as a dry run.

It was a nervous start (as it always is for me anyways hahaha) having no idea how the public's reception would be like. So far, I thought they were quite pleased with the neko couple, which convinced me to make more of them bug-eyed cuties. But nothing beats Sindy Bracken's sexy nekos though!

Go Jump In The Lake!
Lo Lo Style...

Lo Lo had been absent in the fishing circuit for quite some time now, though fishing was pretty much available throughout the whole year. This weekend's tournament is the first for Lo Lo in 2009! Grey Nacht, iPala estate owner and manager, arrived to give us some support (many thanks chap!) with his super-large electro magnetic fishing gear in tow!

Grey's huge electro-magnet seems to attract more than just fishies. As the picture shows, he's surrounded by hot legs! Well apart from that long haired AVi in the background - that's Twisted Streeter hehehe. It seems Grey's sex-appeal hasn't totally greyed out on him yet winks!

At least 26 7Seas fishers came to Lo Lo's 2009 relaunch tourney. It was a quite a strong show of force from some of the community's die-hard fishing enthusiasts. The only fisher missing though is Lizzy who had been kidnapped by RL aliens in the past couple of days! o.O nanu nanu

We still have to convince Lisa and Drei to join us, and how can we forget Ellynore and Sammie? Dang! All of them have 7S fishing rods but are so lazy to fish hehehe. Maybe they are just too afraid to get sunburn, from all that summer weather we've been getting over the weekend? Use sunscreen gals, hotdammit! Besides getting a little tan shouldn't hurt! hahaha

Smooth Sailing and Fishing
No crashes... just sunburn!

Lag meter levels were stable, with no glitches and hitches recorded during the event. It was so unfortunate that Zolo Boyoma's rod was somehow acting up; her rod wouldn't autocast. Good thing that her knight-in-shining-armour, Sir Olive Pickles was there to save the day! Other than that, all went quite well.

Now where can my Princess Lizzy Mornington be on such a romantic moment like this? grumbles

7seas royal couple! Now if that doesn't make you feel in love, I don't know what else will! Aren't they lovely together? Hugz!

Adding a Lo Lo Golden Ticket was probably a good idea to keep those who aren't able to land their names on the score boards to fish. If you have not a clue on what I'm talking about here, think Willie Wonka (less the oompa-loompas of course hahaha). The prize for catching a coupon would be one Bulk Bait Bucket (redeemable upon surrendering the stub). Unfortunately, someone has yet to claim a single coupon. They are still out there, so just keep on trying!

Alright, I know! But having Ferrero Rocher is better than having some golden glow worms staring at you from the bucket, isn't it? hahahaha. mmmmm Ferrero.... yummy! Have you caught one today?

Glamour is Synonymous to Lo Lo

Indeed it must be summer as fishers donned their best outdoor outfits! Blyxa Darling, probably the best dressed fisher of the day catches the first custom: a Buttercup Nets A Fish. Call it a coincidence but I swear with all that black hair, green eyes and a net hanging around her waist; she is the human avi version of Buttercup!

SadieMae Jameson in an all A/X purple sexy outfit (try figuring that one out hahaha) catches fish with utmost finesse and poise. Somehow she reminds me of Alice Xue! Also check out her popular dragons at Dragon Beach, an innovator (and inventor) for multi-purpose customs.

People power! Lo Lo's 7Seas fishing relaunch was a success thanks to all who graced the event with their participation.

With the impressive attendance in this year's first tournament in Lo Lo, the probability of having impromptu contests (perhaps) on a bi-weekly basis is high.

The sun always shines for 7Seas Fishing, as the growing number of fishers is evident of its ever rising popularity among SL residents. With so many fisher folks to go around with, having conflicting schedules between two or three venues shouldn't pose a problem. Besides the sim has limits in handling multiple avis with various scripted attachments (including the rods) working all at the same time.

And the envelope goes to...
... drum roll please...

60 minute contests are usually quick, and to those who are on 7th-6th place it just isn't enough! hahaha With names going on and off the top 5 spots in an hour of endless casting and reeling, it will always be a battle between the lucky, the not so lucky and the very lucky peeps!

The top 5 players are:
1st: peppermintanne Diesel (and who said diesels never win over petrols?);
2nd: Blyxa Darling (must be her fancy rod or Buttercup netting extras);
3rd: ruzz3 Alcott (triplet fishing perhaps, or the phrase "all caught"?);
4th: NeoQueen Serenity (being a queen definitely has its perks!)
5th: Trixi Barbosa (being an early bird has its own tricks!)

Prizes were pegged at 600 (1st), 400 (2nd), 300 (3rd), 200 (4th) and 150 shiny lindens for 5th place... and in the spirit of Lo Lo tradition, random surprises to those who stayed after the contest. smiles

Oist! Caroline, wanna run away with the loot? hahaha. Many thanks to Ms. Apollo for her generous prizes!

What next for Lo Lo?

With Caroline Apollo releasing her own customs soon and LnN adding more to their sets, we may have just put Lo Lo back in the virtual fishing map. Lizzy is yet to surprise us with her own versions, and I am sure she has heaps hidden in her closet!

Hopefully this would be start of something more routine. In the mean time, this is where I go and say... let's keep fishing and building!

Tournament aftemath... stating the obvious on what's on these people's minds?

Okay! Okay before people get any crazy ideas what this picture is all about, Caroline has a new puppy! A cute and fluffy Great Dane! Congrats on your new and lovely Scooby Doo! hehehe

As for me? Well I'm just missing mah Lizzy-babes! sighs

Roll call, in order of arrival
Luckie Mendicant, Adena Benavente, Jefst Jolles, Trixi Barbosa, jodie0903 Palmer, Emo Biedermann, Davethenurse Petrovic, SadieMae Jameson, Twisted Streeter, Laura Polke, Zinbaco Kattun, billyjean Silvercloud, oopsie Oppewall, Jocelyn Finesmith, Davethenurse Petrovic, Grey Nacht, peppermintanne Diesel, pit Sharple, Caliba Sassower, Zolo Boyoma, Billybob Taggart, Fazed Lewinter, Georg Osterham, Sossa Heron, Georg Osterham, Dallas Russell, NeoQueen Serenity, Each Silversmith, Blyxa Darling, Aniri Tinkel, ruzz3 Alcott, Neon Jameson, MastersBabySlave Broome, Penni Praga