Saturday, 16 May 2009

LnN's First EVER Customs Are Here!

Building our first ever fish-able customs took a long wait, and I am sure glad that I have breached the creative barrier. Deciding how to build our own versions turned out to be quite laborious. But with reference to some of the customs available to us in the fishing community, opting for the "cute and easy-to-build types" was the best choice to get us going.

The now classic Powerpuff Girls character inspired me to go anime-style. Builds from LnN are not for sale and will only be available to catch for FREE for a limited time only. (L-R) Bubbles Luvs Octi, Blossom Lures A Piranha, and Buttercup Nets A Clown make up the first batch.

A handful of creators behind some of the most popular customs have cemented their reputation as being one of the best custom builders around. It would indeed be quite a challenge to create something as interesting and innovative as the ones currently being offered to the community. Now that the level of expectations for custom building is high, bringing out variations at par with the accustomed standards would definitely have to be a work of art.

The gist so far: Vintage battleships and pirate ships are associated with Migizi North; Daemian Ember renowned for his preference for all-prim-customs, builds amazing modern battleships; Mialissa Masala for her limited edition fed jellies and crab cakes while fellow SugarRush entrepreneur Skinny Paine has popularised building block (aka lego) inspired-customs; Amara Twilight (with no relation to vampires whatsoever hehehe) is synonymous to exotic and sometimes erotic mermaids; Dragonfishes are Alice Xue's turf, Resisupo chipmunks are a mainstay in the Magic of Oz; and the list goes on with veteran builders like Rails Bailey (Van Deimen's Land-Shimano), Grey Nacht (iPala), Shelly Macci (The Pig and Whistle), Sindy Bracken (Original LOLRus and Neko Characters), Oasis, Aruba, Alien Isles, naniSL, katat0nik, Takeli-li among many others make up the ever growing roster of 7Seas celebrity builders.

The second batch of PPG customs: Buttercup Is A Tease, Bubbles Drops A Fishie, and Blossom's Bag of Fishies, adds a bit of emotion with poofer texture effects overhead.

Bug-eyed Cuties
Reviving the Powerpuff Girls (PPG) phenomena...

Going for anime-style made it easier for us to build customs and the PPGs were just the perfect models. The designs on our sets evolved to a more personalised/all-original version with Liz and I modeling our customs on ourselves.

Go bag yourself an SUR! LnN's Karaoke Queen and King and the Tulips For Two Lips customs will start a series of caricature versions featuring SL personalities.

Earlier versions were unorthodoxical by interpretation with customs depicting a bit of Britishness. The Good ole English Muffin (stylised in the form of a cupcake thanks to Alice Xue's craving for it) was the first to be crafted followed by the humble Fish n' Chips (with mayo). Variations of the two customs soon followed with the addition of the Scottish Haddock and Chips (with tartare sauce), the Naughty Fish n' Chips ( inspired - well it's a UK thing hahaha), the Blueberry Oz (Australian) Muffin; and of course a meal is never complete without something to help the food run down smoothly: NapsieCola (Coke inspired) with Lizzy-ade.

Nothing compares to traditional fish and chips freshly served at your local shop. Customs celebrating a bit of Britishness and the Commonwealth.

Let The Fishing Begin...
Exclusive to Lo Lo

You can catch these customs at the marvelous Lake Lo Lo, and many thanks to Caroline Apollo for giving these customs a home! Catch rates are currently 20-30% higher than the suggested percentage, which makes collecting a tad more pleasant. So enjoy the customs as much as we enjoyed crafting them for you!

Catnapped Neko shows the continuously evolving look of LnN customs.

The sets are also "housed" in an unannounced/undisclosed location, so don't be surprised if you do suddenly catch one out of the blue! I also carry a CPG with me whenever and wherever I fish, unless the area owners prohibits any form of squatting (hahaha).

We will try to bring out at least two sets (usually three customs in a set) each month, just keep an eye for any announcements. In the meantime, get those rods fully baited and let's all go fishing for more customs!