Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year (2009)

New Year greetings from Liz and En!

How time flies so fast when you think that yesterday was 2008! Despite of the hectic and crazy festivities that seem to have taken over our limited SL time, a good number of residents still managed to go in-world. I was going on and off to check for any surprises that Liz may have left for her "c'est qui tom papa" (loud laugher), Lizzy apparently was doing the same. Nevertheless the time difference between our RL worlds didn't seem to be a problem for the both of us as "sweet nothings" never fail to greet our unexpecting AVs during logins. One of the reasons why we look forward to go in-world on every given opportunity!

Celebrating the New Year together! Plus all the chatter and updates from last week's (last year even) festivities. Never a dull moment when we're together.

CSI: New York Episode "Down The Rabbit Hole"

Can't help but reminisce all the wonderful events of 2008. Well discovering Second Life is one of them, thanks to an episode of CSI New York which opened a new door for me. After years of being addicted to my work (yep workaholic as I have always been for over 15 years until you know what...), it has made a big change in me of wanting to stay at home more often which caught a lot of my workmates by surprise! Could we say that SL has been good for me then? One thing for sure is that I don't spend as much GBP every Friday when I hang out with the lads.. Linden $ are far much more cheaper (spits out coffee for not being able to control his laughter). After all, it's the chatter we share on a Friday or Saturday night that makes the get-together party worthwhile... grub and booze comes second and while having some "take-home" buddy is optional, I don't carry excess baggage with me on the way back to my place (chuckles). Besides. if it's just chatter we're after on a work-week break (okay that means Friday in layman's terms duh), Second Life has lots of that and I am sure most if not all of you residents agree.

Check out this short clip of that CSI:NY episode, and I wish that changing clothes and editing your appearance would be as lightning fast! False advertising of SL? You be the judge (laughter):

.. so what do you think? Even the gladiator role play made it look like a game from a Playstation. How I wish that were the case in real time SL hahaha. Oh oh.. and the super duper panoramic screen? I want one! Some animations were probably CGI generated, don't you think?

Now check this one out:

hrrrmmm walking hand in hand? The one me and Liz got was horrible! I wish there was really one that we could get which mimics real life "holding-hands" while walking (grumbles).

Another question, what's wrong with the pick-up line "I love waterfalls" anyway? Bah! hahaha. Watching those CSI:NY clips again really brought back good old noobish memories! sighs...

Cheers for 2009

What would be an even more better way to wrap up 2008 than visiting my first hang-out spot as a noob... Miramare! And what good timing that was with all the fireworks already in place. Good old memories also lit up my subconsciousness like a roman candle, as pleasant memoirs came flooding in. To see the folks that help mould my virtual alter-ego there with me was just enough for me to be thankful for I wouldn't be to where I am right now in SL without them.

Her "hotness" Lisa, the queen of Barcola and her royal loverly-hawtest Lizzy, the queen of my heart celebrate the New Year with the Brickies (a Barcola institution).

So what to expect in 2009 with all the gloominess the world is experiencing right now in RL? I guess it's still going to be the same for us all in SL... status quo. Whoever said the party should ever end? The only thing missing though would be our dear friends Drei Dragonash (one of the three SHB founders.. guess who the other two are..) and Sammie "Mew" Benoir who I think won't be with us for the coming year (cries). But who knows, after all anything and everything is possible in SL right?

The only way to move is forward...

And I hope that's exactly what we're all going to do. With so much going on in SL, upgrades and new features popping up occasionally making the virtual experience getting even more closer to real life, the future seems bright! Who knows, maybe we get to actually experience the reliability of Second Life like in the scenes we saw on CSI:NY.... omg that would be pure virtual heaven, wouldn't it? Then maybe I'd probably be getting me that super huge HD monitor. Think about how huge those "pink and blue" balls would be hahahahahahaha...

The future looks bright for me and Lizzy-babes, a new year... a new chapter!

To everyone who had made my adventures in Second Life pleasant (apart from Lizzy-babes of course!), Prospero Ano... Bonne Année... Buon Capodanno... einen guten Rutsch ins Neujahr... oh oh, and how can we forget... nanu nanu eeepuy nuayee ahree... that's alien for you peeps hahaha

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

First SL Christmas (2008)

It's that time of the year again when evergreen pines, poinsettias and mistletoes takes over a special corner in our homes. Just like the RL Christmas rush we've got so used to (with all the chaos that comes along with it), a virtual preparation can be equally as stressful. Though I would have to admit that it's way far too convenient when everything can be done with just a click of a mouse... and of course let us not forget that teleporting helps make things quicker as well.

Pressure Pressure!

Now how do I decorate the penthouse? I was really keen on making it very special but with so many ideas in my head, it wasn't easy deciding on what to do first! Good thing Lizzy was there to help me out with the most important and basic ornament for Christmas, the tree!

Awww give me a hug babes! We've done it, our first ever Christmas tree! En and Liz congratulate each other with a warm-body-heat-saving hug (rawrrr)!

Having thought of Caroline Apollo's tree on display at Lo Lo and Lisa's towering pine at Miramare, we headed to Botanical (in Straylight Island) for a 7 foot evergreen pine and a set of sculpty snow cover. I remember the first time I went there with Liz for a bit of He-Man and She-Ra role play much to the bemusement of others (laughter)... ahhhh These days of "innocence" will always be blissful for us...

The Ice Breaker

The tree was all we needed to jump start our decorating frenzy. Liz chose a perfect spot for the it and did a marvelous and fantastic job in setting up the tree. Nothing less that amazing, and I wouldn't have asked for more, it was simply perfect!

Our Japanese-inspired dining area will have to give way to the tree. Pressies instead of takeaways will be a staple on this spot for the time being. Don't you just love decorating?

A view to a chill? Making sure Santa knows that he is invited in this household! It would be more lovely to see two lovebirds seated on the cushions wouldn't it?

Naturally once you have broken the ice, ideas would start to flood in. It was much more easier to put everything down to its rightful place once you get things started. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome which we believe added more of the homely ambiance we tried to project at the condo. Having to voluntarily add a bit more premium for the extra prims was worth it as I have always believed in quality comes first before practicality.

All ready to go! Looking around for anything that may need some dolling up before moving on to decorate the outdoors. But not after a glass of shaken (and not stirred *coughs*) martini... and maybe a bit of that "une baguette" as well. Care to join me?

What The Heck (Let's Get Carried Away)!

We can't leave the rest of the unit just like that, and how can we forget to decorate the fireplace? After all that is where Father Christmas will be squeezing his big bum to get in the condo (still baffles me how the old dude can do Blaine *lol*). Better ready the hot cocoa and the biscuits for the old man if we ever want to get everything on our wish list "neatly stacked" under the tree! ho ho ho!

Time to relax a bit, decorating ain't easy (laughter)... Black Italian marble does look good on a fireplace doesn't it? One of the many fixtures I modified as a noob, a favourite past-time of mine apart from virtual 7Seas fishing and OCS combat (of course). I leave the shopping to Liz (chuckles).

Warming up as it begins to snow outside as SL Weather forecasts a blizzard. Apparently, it would seem that we all would be spending a white Christmas in SL after all!

Bleeping Blizzards! Here comes the snow! Can't wait to have a snowball fight when Liz wakes up! Oh, is she gonna get it! Well both outdoors... and ermmm... indoors (naughty grin)...

Lets sing to the tune of Mr. Lennon's "Happy Christmas" song (hehehe)

So this is SL Christmas... Look what have I done... Raised the tree up this morning... Liz did it, I did none...

Okay.. okay I'll have to stop... I'd hate to receive an AR from the IPR owners of this song as it is a Christmas classic (chuckles). But I betcha I made you guys sing, didn't I? Catchy isn't it? I guess I really got "carried away" there. Karaoke anyone? hahaha...

Dang it, a mistletoe and no Liz? I guess I'll just have to make up with the snow-woman then (can't kiss a snow-"man" can I?) and see how far down the huge snowball goes from the 11th floor balcony hahaha. Nah just kidding, can't do that to this cool work of art from Sugar Rush. They did a good job crafting this ornament, didn't they? Go check them out!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

SL Christmas is indeed something special as we get to celebrate it with people around the globe! And having different time zones would "almost" be like celebrating it for two days! That's the beauty of SL, and that's what makes it click!

Well the tree is up... the decorations are all around the place... and apart from me starting to have the usual Christmas blues (sighs) as I wrap up this blog... I leave you all with a very special message...

Love ya all!